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Igniting Hearts & Empowering Lives 

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Thank You All

After spending 20 years working for another mission, OMF International, serving those in need in Asia, it was quite a shock to our family and friends when I moved to join this incredible mission helping those in Eastern Europe.

Regardless of geographical location, my heart has always focused on seeing lives transformed by Jesus. My ultimate goal is to bring hope to those who are struggling. With great excitement, I believe together we will bring hope to those who need it most.

I am inspired by the testimonies of people who have come through the various programs Mission Without Borders runs. 

Children who finish school and receive the training needed for sustainable employment. Kids camps run in the middle of a war in Ukraine, allowing them to have fun. Families who couldn't put food on the table now own tractors and can work their land. And alongside that, all these people you help are connected to a community that loves them in their local churches. 

Lives are being transformed! Both physically and spiritually, and I am so excited to be involved. 

I know you will enjoy the stories of hope in our 2023 magazine as much as I have. I pray your heart will be filled with hope as you see the part you play. You are helping transform the lives of people in Eastern Europe.

Sarah Paterson, National Director


We are an International Christian organisation, delivering humanitarian
aid to marginalized communities in Eastern Europe. 

Our mission is to combat poverty by offering practical support in education, livelihoods, and working in collaboration with local churches. Our diverse programs include food distribution, sponsorships, and crisis relief, all while introducing people to the love of God alongside tangible assistance. With the aid of local offices, dedicated volunteers, and compassionate partners, we strive to bring hope and encouragement to those facing difficult circumstances.

"Family sponsorships are so good because they start the process. You have the Staff and the sponsors work together and it is in that relationship you find other ways to support them whether it be scholarships or After School Club etc. These things follow from starting the sponsorships that may not have been found without it."

- Geoff Fuller


Geoff Fuller, a dedicated supporter of MWB for 8 years, recently shared with us his journey and the impact of his faithful giving during a recent trip to Albania.

In a recent interview, he shared with us; 

 "You think you know but you never do until you see it. Meeting with the families and the churches and seeing evidence of what they do was very encouraging.

"I saw a great example of MWB’s impact in Albania where a lady was running a business from her garage - all she needed to start this was for someone to help her set it up. (MWB was able to give her the start she needed.) The smile on her face being able to support herself and her children was just beautiful.

Later on, he came back to that moment commenting: “When we went to meet with this woman, half the village turned up when they saw the MWB Van - the whole village knows MWB! If anything would, that was the moment that showed me how close Mission Without Borders is with these families." 

You can listen to the rest of his interview on Spotify. 

Joining Hands in Crisis

Amidst the ongoing Ukraine war, our dedicated team is actively providing emergency relief and crucial support to those affected. Today, we invite you to join as a Partner of Hope, where your compassionate partnership will make a profound difference in the lives of those facing the aftermath of crisis.
By joining forces with us, you will walk hand in hand with individuals and communities in dire need, extending vital aid beyond our regular initiatives. Your generous contribution will enable us to provide emergency relief, essential housing, and critical resources to our partner churches.
Furthermore, it will ensure personal support reaches those in the midst of crisis, offering them a lifeline of hope and stability. Through this partnership, you will experience the immense satisfaction of making a tangible impact on the lives of thousands. As you join a global community of believers, united in the desire to see God glorified and lives restored, you become an integral part of the transformative journey unfolding in Ukraine. 
Take this opportunity to extend your hand of compassion and join us as we embark on this mission of love and restoration. Let us stand as united Christian's, amplifying our collective impact and witnessing the extraordinary power of God's love to bring about lasting change.

Partner With Hope

Make a meaningful difference in the lives of those devastated and displaced by the war.

Watch More About Ukraine 

Over a year after the full-scale war began in February 2022, displaced Ukrainians continue to need support as they build new lives far from home, and people in many parts of Ukraine have been left with nothing after their homes and communities were destroyed. The families we support in western Ukraine have had
new challenges to face in the form of power outages, the rising cost of living, disrupted education for their children, and the fear of Russian attack.
Our local staff and volunteers are as committed as ever to supporting vulnerable families, children and elderly people in Ukraine, as well as Ukrainian refugees in neighbouring countries. Thanks to our generous donors and effective church partnerships, we are reaching out with Christ’s love to more people than ever.
Since the Ukraine war erupted and gripped the world we have helped to support 84,340 families with donated food and hygiene items, 34,910 families homed, 155,989 meals served to refugees and others impacted by war, Partnering with over 400 churches and 1,056 VOLUNTEERS HELPING WITH RELIEF EFFORTS and we are just one of many organisations. 
Watch this compelling documentary by Channel 7 on Ukraine.


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