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There is nothing like seeing a young person emerge from poverty, complete vocational training or tertiary education and move into adulthood with the skills to be self-sufficient. This dignity is priceless and you will now have the opportunity to make this happen for many students in Eastern Europe!

Providing educational opportunities gives children the best foundation for accessing employment or further education following graduation. I have fond memories of visiting many Vocational projects in our field countries. Whether it was in the large Children’s Homes or in the Community Centres we run; the popularity of the courses, the passion of the teachers, and the excitement of the children was clearly obvious.

At Mission Without Borders, we are committed to changing the lives and destinies of the children. In partnership with the staff of the Children’s Homes or Pastors of the local churches, we are grieved when we hear of children falling prey to crime, prostitution, homelessness or human trafficking merely because they had the misfortune of growing up as an orphan or member of a poor family. Funding courses, materials and equipment for education are often completely out of their reach. On this basis, we have made a commitment to do what we can to provide Vocational courses & Scholarships, and are grateful for your help to turn their desires into realities.

As a Vocational Training Partner, your regular contribution will fund existing courses ensuring they have all the resources they need; which in turn will guarantee that no child interested in further education is excluded. By making a contribution on a regular basis, you will be funding Vocational courses such as Computer Studies, English, Agriculture, Hairdressing, Dressmaking/Tailoring, Cooking, Apiculture (Bee-keeping), Mechanics, or Carpentry, as well as enabling young people to study at University in their chosen field of study.

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