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Introducing Our New Chairman of the Board

David Hopkins


We are thrilled to welcome David Hopkins as the new Chairman of the Board for Mission Without Borders Australia. With a 35-year career dedicated to the science industry, David brings a wealth of experience in research and development to our Mission. Currently residing in the heart of the Australian Capital Territory, David is not just a seasoned professional but a devoted family man, celebrating 38 years of marriage to his wife Kerry, with two grown sons and three precious grandchildren.

What sets David apart is not just his impressive career but his unwavering commitment to Mission Without Borders for many years. As a dedicated supporter, he has touched the lives of families in numerous field countries, emphasising his particular passion for empowering young minds through education. Witnessing the transformative impact in his own family, David firmly believes that providing individuals the opportunity to pursue education is truly life-changing.

David's dedication extends to the core principles of Mission Without Borders, especially the emphasis on empowering local churches and employing local staff. He recognises the unique challenges faced by communities dealing with post-communism, struggling governments, and limited resources. It is this understanding that propels David's commitment to keeping Jesus at the centre of our mission and progress.

Faith plays a pivotal role in David's life, and it was his desire to connect faith and career meaningfully that led him to take on the role of Chairman of the Board. With skills honed over the years in strategising and management, David envisions bringing a perfect balance to facilitate growth and change while ensuring Jesus remains the focal point of our mission.

In his new role, David aims to collaborate with other Board members to support Sarah Paterson, MWB Australia National Director, and the entire team in achieving their plans and aspirations for the future. He firmly believes in Mission Without Borders' strong focus on placing Jesus at the centre of strategic decisions, priority setting, and responsible financial stewardship.

In our latest podcast, David extends his encouragement to all supporters, emphasising that through acts of loving service, whether through sponsorship, prayer, or supporting various programs, each individual has the power to make a profound impact. He underscores the importance of not just providing support but building lasting relationships, emphasising the greatness of family sponsorship and the ability to journey with those we aim to help.

Don’t forget to tune into our latest podcast for an insightful interview with David Hopkins, where he shares more about his journey and passion for Mission Without Borders Australia. Together, let's continue to make a difference in the lives of countless families, paving the way for a better future and generations to come.