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Yulia, a single mother of three, faced a challenging life marked by abandonment and poverty. 

Growing up in a children’s home after being abandoned by her parents, she later found herself alone as partners came and went, showing no interest in supporting their children. Yulia’s determination led her to work two jobs - striving to provide for her family despite the hardships they faced.

The family’s constant struggle with poverty and the absence of a father’s presence took a toll on the children. Vika, the eldest daughter, shouldered responsibilities beyond her years. While Vlad, the middle son, experienced rejection and insecurity. The family’s situation became even more dire when the ongoing war in Ukraine brought fear and uncertainty into their lives. The rocket attacks and air raid sirens traumatised the children.

However, a glimmer of hope emerged in January 2023 when the local church and Mission Without Borders stepped in. The church community rallied together, purchasing a house in poor condition for the family, renovating it, and providing basic necessities. Yulia and her children also became part of Mission Without Borders’ Family Sponsorship program, receiving ongoing support and visits from a family support worker named Veniamin. Through help and support, the family experienced a positive transformation, finding stability, comfort, and renewed hope.

With Veniamin’s guidance, the children began to dream and explore their potential. Vika, who previously lacked direction, learned about Mission Without Borders’ scholarship program, igniting a spark of possibilities for her future. Vlad, initially hesitant, grew comfortable with Veniamin’s presence and opened up to him. The family’s well-being improved, and the children became calmer and happier, finding solace in their new home and the kindness bestowed upon them.

Yulia and her children express profound gratitude to the supporters of Mission Without Borders, as their lives have completely changed. The new home, complete with a small farm, has brought stability, security, and a sense of belonging. The local church continues to provide support, inviting the family to services and Sunday school, while Mission Without Borders’ ongoing assistance and prayers uplift their spirits.

Please pray for this resilient family and their journey towards a brighter future. Yulia and her children extend heartfelt thanks to the supporters of Mission Without Borders, whose generosity has significantly impacted their lives.