"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."
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Summer Camps 2019

Lives Changed at MWB's Summer Camp

 "We saw physical and emotional healing, hope restored, softening of hearts and a deep love of God flourishing" 

      - Lauren Ng, Australian  MWB Summer Camp Volunteer 

The children and teenagers who come on MWB's Summer Camps are from our Family or Child Sponsorship programs - they have all come from tough and devastatingly impoverished homes.MWB's Summer Camps create an opportunity for children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to have time away filled with fun, positive experiences, friendship with peers and with adults, and encounter the truth of God's Word and his love for them.

Summer Camp allows MWB staff and volunteers to forge stronger relationships with the children they see throughout the year. It gives the child the opportunity to receive attention from Christian staff and volunteers, share their worries, and receive support. They leave Summer Camp with a sense that they are significant - that they have been listened to and understood.

Many children become Christians on MWB's Summer Camps, and their faith is strengthened throughout the year through Christian Input events, the Biblical Correspondence Course, and ongoing relationships with MWB coordinators and other staff. Children hearing the gospel and receiving Jesus as their Saviour is the high point of Summer Camp and makes the hard work of the staff and volunteers more than worth it.

Your support will help give almost 4,000 children a life-changing experience at Summer Camp 2019!



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