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One $30 backpack could give a child their entire future! 

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As the war continues and the humanitarian crisis deepens, I'm sure you will be asking what more can I do? 

At Mission Without Borders’ we are standing with those in crisis for the long term, partnering together to Respond to critical needs, see hearts and families Restored and in faith helping to one day Rebuild lives and homes.   

By joining our Partners With Hope program, or Giving a One-off Gift, you will ensure that we can be the hands and feet of Jesus for people who have lost everything. None of this is possible without you as our valued supporters, and we are so thankful for your faithful generosity as we journey together in Jesus Name!

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Winter is Coming as the War Continues

How your giving contineus to help the Ukraine crisis

We have also seen stories of crisis fill our screens as the pressures of inflation and food shortages increase. This is something being experienced all across the globe. With winter not long away we urgently need to increase  our support for the thousands of Ukraine families who are especially impacted. Shattered windows, hearts and struggling to find work and food, we know the need is great!

We urgently need to raise funds to help continue bring critical humaniatrian aid to those walking through their darkest days as winter approaches. 

Together we can help make a difference! 



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What we're seeing is enduring faith working out in practice, in times of peace and war, and often in exceedingly difficult circumstances, and all this is being demonstrated daily by our staff and volunteers and those we precious souls we serve.

They and we could do none of this without your support. Thank you for keeping faith and partnering with us and those we serve.

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Order Your Sponsor Christmas Gifts! 

It’s not to late to order your Christmas Gift. 

It is that time of year again when we are given the opportunity to give a Christmas gift to our sponsored families and children. A gift that is handpicked just for them with their needs and wants in mind.

We know this year has brought so much fear and uncertainty to the families and children that you journey with through sponsorship. Even in this crisis we truly are praying that we would be able to give them the tangible love of God and much needed hope through moments of joy and the provision that meets their critical needs.

For these families and children receiving a gift for Christmas is an unknown experience that brings so much joy to their home.

Share your love and the love of Christ with your sponsored family and children

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