OCL is igniting hope and bringing families back together.
Will you help spark hope for over 42,000 families by giving a box this Christmas?

Read Your 2021 Overcomers Online



The need that families, children and the vulnerable are facing in Eastern Europe cannot be met by one project alone; they need a community around them now, more than ever before. People who genuinely believe and sow into the possibility, that their lives can change for the better.  

As you read our 2021 Overcomers may we ask that you please prayerfully consider what you can give to help feed the homeless, bless a child from a dysfunctional family or bring relief to a family struggling to put food on the table. 

Your gift will help resource our community centres and support our partner churches as they work to ensure the people in their community aren't forgotten, slipping further into poverty. 

Choose Your Gifts for Christmas



It is the season to give back, to give back to loved ones and colleagues, teachers and friends.

This year our gifts reflect some of our life-changing projects that we believe will put hope in the hands of those who need it and in doing so, will help your loved ones feel that same hope.

These gifts allow us to impact lives when they need it most and that impact runs so much deeper than one family or child, it changes a community, a generation and hopefully one-day entire nations.

What better gift to give this Christmas than for them to be a part of an anchor for families like our own; families who in the storms of life, want to know there is somewhere they can go to find the hope and help they need.

Will you choose to put hope under your tree you are enabling us to put hope in the hands of families in Eastern Europe?

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