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As we approach Christmas 2018, would you take a moment and remember those we serve who simply don't know what it means to experience a joyful Christmas day? As we take the time to celebrate the birth of Christ with family and friends, my thoughts are never far away from the children and families who won't be celebrating.

Unfortunately, for those we serve, Christmas is often just another bleak day, a reminder of the devastation and poverty they live in. Cupboards are empty, the winter weather is unbearable without proper heating and smiles are scarce.

What if you could make a difference? What if you could put food on the table for a family in Eastern Europe this Christmas and remind them that LOVE NEVER FAILS?

An Operation Christmas Love box costs just $50 but means the world to those who have nothing. You will be giving them hope, love and joy in a box. Each parcel contains food items that will make a Christmas meal (albeit simple) they will have something to celebrate with. There is also Christian Literature, sweets and decorations to help them make Christmas a special day to remember.

This year, when you donate an OCL box you can also sign a gift card that will be put in an OCL box heading to a family in Eastern Europe, to remind them that LOVE NEVER FAILS. Every box you donate a card will be signed on your behalf and sent over to be included in the 30,000 OCL boxes that will be delivered. Imagine the joy on their face when they read that their box was given with love from a family in Australia, wishing them a Joyful Christmas! Make a difference, and donate an OCL box today.



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