"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."
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Operation Winter Rescue

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Help a family survive Winter

Quiet Desperation: Romica is father to 8 children, three of them are deaf and the others, struggling in the bitter cold, are all coughing and unwell. Living in these terrible conditions, there is little hope for Romica's children as he cannot cover the basic needs. A year ago, Romica and his family were living in a broken shack, dangerously close to the river, which was close to collapsing. They had no heating, no flooring, and the roof was riddled with gaping holes. Each Winter, when temperatures reach minus 29 degrees celcius, this family and hundreds of others have no way of keeping warm. Romica and his family were supported and found a better place to stay, given a stove for heating and cooking, provided with warm clothing, firewood and food parcels. Romica continues: "I don't know what we would have done if you had not helped us. We would not have survived this Winter continuing the way we were. Your kindness can never be repaid."

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Despite the silent crisis that continues here in this community for so many families just like Romica's it is the mission of our local Romanian team to bring new hope into this valley. Operation Winter Rescue is one way we achieve this. By providing fuel to heat their homes and warm clothing to survive the harsh Winter months, they receive a little hope when they desperately need it. The team cannot do this alone. You can help us rescue people today through your generous gift to Operation Winter Rescue.

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