"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."
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Fragile Potential - Anabela's story

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"I want to become a doctor. I want to help people"
Anabela and her 5 siblings live together in one in a Roma village in central Romania.

Poverty is everywhere, yet the children still find small reasons to smile. When you meet her, you would not know that Anabela lived in such a poor Roma family. She has a joyful presence. Against many odds, she has made it to first grade at school - with the help of MWB. A milestone that so many children never reach here. Children in this village are born into a cycle of poverty - their families marginalised and often they have little support from their parents who also, like them have never had a education. The children are needed to work rather than go to school so they can eat.

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Anabela's life changed when she was blessed with a sponsor to love and support her...Her eyes light up when she talks about the birthday present she was given last year from her sponsor and how excited she was when she got to go to Summer Camp last year.
"I very much wanted a doll but we can't afford such things." She says, her voice trembling. "I was so overjoyed when I received a beautiful doll and card from my Sponsor and was able to go to Summer Camp last year."

Anabela's life changed when she became part of MWB's sponsorship program. You can change the life of a child for less than $1.40 per day. Consider a Sponsorship and make the world of difference to a child just like Anabela.
Anabela is just one child of so many that need our help. This month is about supporting children in need. Whether it be through a committed sponsorship of $40 a month or a one off donation to our work with children, Anabela and hundreds of other children need your support. 

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