"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."
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With two children suffering from serious illnesses, and medical bills piling up, Sreto and his family hit rock bottom. The father of five had been doing as many odd jobs as possible to try to provide for his family - but the money was never enough.


The Radisics live in rural Bosnia-Herzegovina, where employment opportunities are extremely rare, and poverty is rife. But Sreto always worked hard at whatever work he could find, teaching himself skills including welding, fixing appliances, and farm work. The family are enrolled in MWB's Family Sponsorship program and over the past 12 months, the Radisic family have begun to enjoy some positive changes in their lives. Sreto and MWB Coordinator Drazan continue to look for ways to help his family become self-sufficient.


"Just as they did many times before, our friends from MWB reached out and provided us with a box consisting of 10kg of potato seeds, 4kg of onion seeds, as well as the seeds of spinach, lettuce, green beans, beans, tomato, radish, beetroot, zucchini and leeks. I am sure that we will produce enough for the whole summer and can freeze some for the following winter too." He added, "I would like the supporters to understand the importance of their giving through the seeds project. Because of it, we don't have to buy our vegetables. We are able to eat healthy food and can use that money to provide the medications our children need."


Sreto's wife Nikolina, who is always busy doing housework or caring for the children, added,


"I like to compare our lives with the field behind our house. Once it was covered with weeds - but thanks to MWB and our hard work, it bloomed into a fertile field filled with food to sustain us."


Through Seeds of Hope, MWB provides families with the tools they need to develop their land and grow their own vegetables. We also identify other ways to empower people to become self-sufficient.


With your help, more and more families like the Radisic's can know the joy of fruitful hard work and a future that is filled with hope. 


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