Restoring Dignity and Hope

Our new Senior Care team is working to give dignity and hope back to a generation of people who find themselves forgotten and vulnerable. Through food and vital help our team are building incredible friendships with the elderly helping to give them a new life and restored hope in our God. Will you help us in journeying alongside the elderly?

Give Dignity Back This June

Summer Camp is Back!

“I used to think that almost no one cared about me and my sister. At summer camp, God shows us how precious and loved we are to Him.” - Anastasia 

Last year summer time in Eastern Europe looked a little different. Instead of hearing the sounds of splashing and laughing, the campgrounds were completely empty as communities were locked down and the world came to a grinding stop.

No child was left untouched by COVID-19 and although our team did what they could it wasn't the same without Summer Camp.

But prayers have been answered and thousands of children are excitedly awaiting to go to Summer Camp - a place where lives are being changed and where children feel loved and accepted.

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