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  • I agree to conduct my fundraising event in accordance with the attached Guidelines, which I have read. I verify that I am in proper physical & mental health to participate in the fundraiser and acknowledge that I am aware of any risks that might be involved, and voluntarily agree to assume those risks.
  • I, the church or anyone involved in this fundraising activity cannot claim against Mission Without Borders Australia Ltd or its Directors and staff for loss, damage or injury, however occurring, as a direct or indirect result of this fundraising activity.

Ukrainian photographer documents one year of war in powerful exhibition!

One year on from the start of the escalation of the Ukraine/Russia war on 24 February 2022, Ukrainian Photographer, Misha Vavylyuk, shares pictures from the last 12 months in a moving and powerful online exhibition. 

Through his photos, Misha, who works for the international charity Mission Without Borders in Ukraine, hopes that they will show the world what his country people have been going through this past year. 

"My hope is that these pictures will make people feel closer to us. The enemy is dreadful and enormously big, and its intentions are cruel. We really need support of the world and I hope that the world will not turn its face from us,” he said.

To view the online exhibition, click below.

A Year at War by Misha

A More Than Soup fundraiser is a fun and simple way to raise money for a hot nutritious meal for refugees, children and elderly who are struggling in poverty. 

By inviting your friends to a meal and asking them to donate, you can make a real difference in the lives of those  who rely on the Mission’s soup kitchens.

You decide the food to cook, who to invite and where to eat. We'll help you with a Host Resource Pack to help your fundraiser be a success which will include some traditional soup recipes from our field countries. What are you waiting for? Register Your Event Now

"There is such a wonderful feeling of gratitude in being able to help people we will never meet have warm, healthy meals in difficult living conditions. - Soup Host

You can support those in desperate need today.

7.6 million

Over 7 million Ukrainian refugees are estimated to be displaced by the war. This is now the fastest-growing refugee crisis since World War II.

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