"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."
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Since the war began, more than 10,000 people including 140 children have been killed. Shockingly, more than 1.8 million people have become displaced or refugees. Although the media has become quiet on the issue, the war in Ukraine is NOT over. Both young and old continue to die and there seems to be no solution or sign of peace.

"There came a moment when we needed to leave everything for the safety of our family, especially our children."

Sergiy, his wife and their seven children had to flee the conflict zone. With nothing, they put their children in the car, fleeing to the west. They became refugees - no clothes, belongings or even money to refuel the car. Their town was in the midst of constant gunfire and bombing - electricty and water had shut down and there was violence and crime everywhere.

During the past 4 years of war, MWB has reached out to over 100 Ukranian refugee families like Sergiy and Lyudmyla, whose lives have been irrevocably changed. We support them through family sponsorship, prayer, food parcels and material support to help relive their burdens so they can heal and begin to rebuild their lives.

Ukraine Refugees in Crisis Need Your Help

  1. Give a donation to bring immediate relief to a family living in crisis in the war zones of Ukraine through the donation button below.
  2. Sponsor a family for just $1.30 per day ($40 per month) - Sergiy and his family are in need of sponsorship today!
  3. Pray for our ministry, for the families and Coordinators, that God will continue to bless them and they work they do.
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