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Families Living on the Edge


Imagine you are entering the town of Victoria in Romania. It is quiet and feels isolated and lost. Outside the sun shines, children play and laugh together and Romania's 'alps' stand majestically in the near distance. But as you enter the old bleak communist flats it becomes dark, and the horrific odour overwhelms you. It is both a stunning and depressing setting, which reflects a lot of the hope and hopelessness found in many communities across the poorest regions of Eastern Europe.

Stepping inside the Simindreanu family home is a devastating experience. Walking down the corridor you are confronted with the rotting ceilings and walls covered in mould and there is a putrid smell. Rubbish and filthy clothes line the floor in complete chaos. Then, at the far end, you see a pram and a child's tricycle and the reality hits you - somewhere inside this appalling mess, there are small children living here.

Like thousands of other Romanians, last year Benjamin left his family to seek stable work abroad so that he could earn money to improve their situation. Exploited and unpaid for the work he did, he returned home empty handed and has been unemployed ever since. Benjamin is struggling with severe depression at the thought of not being able to provide for his growing family.

In this town, in these desolate streets, Mission Without Borders' Romanian team, in partnership with the local church, are supporting those living on the edge of despair.  Today, Pastor Timotei, leads the local church in Victoria, which MWB partners with. He shares these heartbreaking words,

  "The mentality of hopelessness is our biggest obstacle. Everyone here living in poverty believes the solution is to leave and go elsewhere. There are no guarantees that they will find a better life away from here. We do our best to encourage parents to pull themselves together and we journey with them, to help change their situation so they can begin to find some hope."

With your partnership, either as a Family Sponsor or through your generous donation, you can restore hope to families in crisis by providing food, clothing, school supplies and other material needs, as well as emotional and spiritual support, which gives them hope that they can make it out of the darkness and into the light.

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