"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."
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Seeds of Hope

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 Vegetables growing in the garden, a brick oven built piece by piece, children flourishing at school - throughout the Beza household, there are signs that this family has hope and purpose. Spring in Romania in full bloom is quite beautiful. Hills and green pastures stretch in every direction. You can grow anything on this fertile land, but the great sadness is that most people do not know how to develop the land, nor have the means to finance what is needed to maintain it, to help them survive and have a better life. This Spring however, one family is hard at work, learning new skills, planting crops and connecting with hope after overcoming tragedy and heartache. The Beza family live in rural Romania and have been on a tough but rewarding journey towards self-sufficiency with the help of Mission Without Borders. "Ten years ago, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. Thank God she survived, but the whole experience shook me up. I began to drink and I pushed my family away."  Nicholae Beza is a skilled handyman but was battling alcoholism and struggling to get out of the deep poverty cycle he and his family were in.

Identifying the family's needs and potential, MWB has continued to support the family over the past 7 years through the Family to Family Program.

During this time, broken relationships have been healed, financial burdens eased and the family has become empowered through working towards self-sufficiency. In the past, every month, Mr Beza struggled to provide for his family's basic needs. MWB saw an opportunity to provide him with some Seeds of Hope boxes and tools, but more importantly encouragement to grow their own crops, to provide their own food, through their own hard work.

Each month they became a little less burdened.  Now, there are signs of new life in this family, who have been through so much. Despite having to re-plant after the storms last April, the family's garden is already providing them with food, as the spring rains wash away the barren land, providing hope and renewal with every drop. "It's a pleasure for me to work the garden with my girls." Nicholae says.

 RO2014-20_03-Nicolae -Beza -and -his -cauliflower

"The work we are putting in is giving back to us tenfold. We are now always busy, and there is always something to work on and do." The garden has been a wonderful source of food to the Beza family. From a few vegetables, they can make a stew that they will enjoy for the next few days. Although the garden doesn't meet all their needs, it is a welcome boost that relieves some of their expenses. Inside a small shed are jars of legumes that were prepared for winter - but they might not last long with hungry children always on the look-out for extra food. 

Day by day, families we support such as the Beza's become increasingly self-sufficient, by doing what they can with the little they have. Over time, the Beza family will need less support from MWB as they reap the rewards of hard work. When the harsh winter months approach again, they will be ready to face the tough season with new skills and tools, but with the same attitude of determination. Nicholae and his family were given a few boxes of seeds through the Seeds of Hope project to get them started.

With the encouragement and care of our family Coordinators, they managed to turn their lives of devastation and poverty around. Slowly, they are making progress.

Your donation of  just $30 for a box of seeds can really change a family's life. By sponsoring a family through MWB, you can be a part of that family's story as they progress towards new skills, making a living and reaching their potential. By equipping families such as the Beza's with emotional and practical support, they have the opportunity to encounter God's love and to flourish as He intended.

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