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Through our sponsorship programs and community centres we spend invaluable time helping struggling families meet their necessary needs – preparing them for a better future. We provide food, clothing and school supplies so it is possible for them to attend school and run our After School programs to keep them off the streets; mentoring and nurturing their character and potential. But for each of these children, there comes a time in their lives when they begin to grow up and despite our help they still face a harsh reality of living in profound poverty. With your support we can provide these young people with the necessary skills to overcome this difficult transition and to flourish.

There are too many children whose potential and talent are going to waste, and Eastern Europe needs equipped and empowered young children to help develop and build up their communities. But it is simply not possible to achieve this without the help of generous supporters whohelp their potential become realised. When someone believes in them it’s not just their grades that change. Boris a staff member at MWB Moldova, said, “If they were skipping school and used bad language; now their attitudes have changed. But the biggest change is in their characters”. Through your support these children are more than their stereotype and are becoming into integral parts of society, contributing real and positive change in their community. 

A scholarship through Mission Without Borders not only provides financial aid for them to have the opportunity to continue their schooling, it provides them with a support network of like minded peers and mentors who help to equip these young adults with integral life skills that they may not ever learn at home. Our scholarships are necessary for these young people and their families as they simply don’t have access to the resources they need. Although they are determined and hardworking, without education, getting employment and breaking out of poverty would remain just a dream.