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Together we can help give every child the chance to dream big

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Breaking the Barriers to Education

Right now, our Eastern European children are facing years of isolated learning, war and poverty. Many of the children’s parents have barely completed primary education. Others don’t get enough food or can’t afford the supplies to succeed. And for some the ostracisation of being different, having dirty clothes and no shoes makes them embarrassed to face their peers. 

Mission Without Borders actively seeks to nurture the potential of thousands of children who are weighed down and put aside - showing them their potential to dream bigger. 

We believe that giving the resources and access to equal education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty for the children we work with. 

Your donations will help ensure that MWB can supply things such as backpacks, resource afterschool care and vocation programs.

Back to School

Meet Maxim, a seven-year-old boy who started school this September. When he received this backpack full of school supplies from Mission Without Borders, he couldn't contain his excitement.

“No way, this amazing school bag is all mine? And it’s also my favourite colour! I’ll keep it for all my school years and I promise to be a good student!"

Although education is free in Eastern Europe, the cost of required school supplies is tough on many families living in poverty and can be a deterrent to school attendance. Our Back to School campaign provides children with the school supplies they need, allowing them to begin primary school with a sense of excitement and confidence.

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Resources for Success

Last year, Mission Without Borders distributed 8,000 backpacks full of school supplies to children in Eastern Europe. Beyond the practical support, these backpacks give these children confidence and dignity, helping them to be excited to go to school. 

As well as backpacks and school materials, nearly 600 children attended 17 After School Clubs. These clubs not only provide kids with a healthy meal each day, but they give them a safe space to study and receive support from teachers.

At Mission Without Borders, we believe in the power of education to change lives. Our mission is that through these initiatives, we will break down the barriers of education so every child we come across has a chance to dream big!

This year, we want to do more. We can only do this with your help — your gift can open the door to new opportunities, hopes and dreams for children like Elisei.

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Backpacks were given to vulnerable children last year.

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