These children who are a part of our program are often the most helpless to change their circumstance and without intervention can be vulnerable to exploitation or a future filled with the same dire poverty that they grew up in.
Becoming a sponsor is an incredible opportunity to have a real and personal impact in the life of a child who faces unbelievable poverty. Your sponsorship allows us to provide a child with food, education, clothing and hygiene products.
But more importantly it allows us to share with them the love and hope of Jesus Christ through our community centres. Together we can equip children living in poverty to reach their full potential.

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With over 1 million people in Moldova moving abroad in search of work, many of the children are left abandoned or to be raised by other family members. For those parents who decide to stay, everyday is a struggle to make ends meet. Our Child Sponsorship program in Moldova aims to find solutions that enables the family to stay together as well as supporting those who continue to care for the child whilst their parents work. We are passionate about encouraging the children to continue their education and provide children and families with the emotional and physical support they need to survive. One parent shares their child's transformation since being enrolled in our program - “Sometimes I don’t recognise my son. I see him smiling, jumping, running after other children, singing, clapping. Seeing him with better school results, surrounded by friends, enjoying activities, and improving at school makes me so happy.”
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Currently, we have 50 Ukrainian State Homes enrolled in our Child Sponsorship Program and there are approximately 7000 children living in these homes. Many of these children struggle with loneliness and do not receive a lot of love or support from their families. One of our sponsored children shared, “I remember the puppet shows, holiday concerts and presents that MWB would bring to us and the letters [from her sponsor] were a kind of connection with the world.It helped me not to feel like just another orphan without a future and created an atmosphere of happiness and love, which we, children without parents, desperately needed."
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Through the Child Sponsorship program in Romania we are meeting the basic needs of thousands of orphaned, abandoned and “at risk” children living in the local communities, offering them the chance for education and social and spiritual guidance. The greatest need is in the rural areas of Romania where we see nearly one in ten children going to bed hungry and almost 40% of children in rural areas, working up to two hours per day in their households. MWB’s vision is to see these children receive the education and support they need to break out of the cycle of poverty and to have their full potential realised in their work, in their future families and in their faith.
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Your Sponsorship in Action


Your Child Sponsorship, will help a child avoid the risk of dropping out of school, and enable them to become engaged in their education and improve their school results. We offer educational support through our After School Centre’s at local churches, where the children receive a hot meal, school supplies, encouragement and help with their homework and studies, creating a nurturing, supportive environment. For older children, we encourage their further education with free Vocational Training programs and Scholarships to enable University studies. Imagine what the future will hold with an education in Eastern Europe? Through Child Sponsorship, we see young people complete their school education, go onto higher education and become the first in their family to get a University Degree and be able to provide for themselves and their family – hope for a sustainable future!

Emotional and Spiritual wellbeing

Your Sponsorship will enable a child to thrive and experience all the wonders that a childhood should bring. Their homes and lives are often filled with tension, stress and hopelessness, caused by poverty and abuse, with not much spare time for fun and child-like discovery. MWB’s Christian Input classes, Bible Correspondence course, Summer Camps, Easter & Christmas events, birthday celebrations, puppet shows and other fun activities, enable the children to laugh, play and hear the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. With the emotional support we give, the children begin to trust again and develop strong relationships with their peers, our volunteers, Field staff, and ultimately with Jesus Christ in a safe and loving environment.

Nutrition and Hygiene

Thousands of children, living especially in rural areas, are on the edge of survival and are without hope for the future. Their parents are unable to provide for them and often, the children are neglected and vulnerable. Through Child Sponsorship you can meet the basic needs of orphaned, abandoned and “at risk” children living in the local communities or Children’s Homes. The children receive food and hygiene items, as well as clothing, shoes, basic medicines and optical care, if needed. By ensuring the children have these basic needs, we provide for their physical wellbeing and encourage them to take care of themselves and their bodies.


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For just $40 a month you could change a child's life!

“I could see she was well loved and looked after as well as going to school and hearing she went to a MWB summer camp was just so great to know she is living a life how a child should be living it- in a loving family, having an education and having some treats like going to a summer camp."

“Please do not stop what you are doing. There are so many children that need your love and support. Thank you for introducing me to God: He has saved my life.” – Vitalina, Child Sponsor Graduate


Support our After School Program

Our After School Program is a safe space for children to do their homework, learn through play, receive one-to-one support and enjoy a nutritious meal.


Providing a scholarship to a young person in Eastern Europe will empower them to break the cycle of poverty by opening doors of opportunity. So many of the young people we work with show incredible potential but need someone who is willing to invest in their future so their potential can be realised.

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Your monthly support for this program will ensure that this vital resource will continue to provide young children and adults with the practical skills to success in life.


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