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8 Useful Tips

Are you struggling to know what to write to your sponsored child or family? Well you are not alone! Below are some useful tips that you can use to begin building a beautiful relationship with your sponsor.


1. Send photos

Just as much as we love to receive photos of our sponsored child or family, they also love to see what we look like and where we come from.

2. Keep it simple

Many of our families and children do not read English, our incredible volunteers take the time to translate thousands of letters every year so please keep this in mind as you write. 

3. Answer their questions

If your sponsored child or family have asked you questions in another letter don't forget to answer them! This is a simple way to build a great relationship with your sponsor and may lead to new conversations.

4. Ask about their life

Asking simple questions about their family or their community will help you find commonground with them. Do they like sports, what their house is like or what they like to do for fun.

5. Tell them about your world

Our families and children would love to hear about where you live, your family or if you have any hobbies or pets. In the same way that you are curious about their world and situation, they too want to get to know you!

6. Encourage them with a Bible verse

Including a meaningful bible verse or passage that has impacted you can be a great encouragement for them. Share the passage with your sponsored child or family and tell them what it means to you. 

7. Include a small gift

Is your sponsored child or someone in your sponsored familiy's birthday coming up? Why not include a small gift with your letter to help them celebrate! 
*gifts cannot be sent to Ukraine, you may include cards, photos or stickers.

8. Remind them that you care and are praying for them

It means so much to them to know that someone on the otherside of the world is thinking of them and praying for them. Many beneficiaries feel isolated and alone in their poverty. By finishing your letter with this kind reminder you are sharing with them a new hope to hold onto until they hear from you again.