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Leaving a Gift in Will

It is through the generosity and compassion of our supporters, like you, that Mission Without Borders has been able to reach people for Christ in Eastern Europe for nearly 60 years.

Leaving a Gift in Will to Mission Without Borders will ensure that your passion for the lost in our six field countries (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine) will continue, even after you have passed the final border of life, as a testimony to your lifelong compassion and care for others in need.

By providing a gift in your Will, our beneficiaries will continue to receive our material, emotional and spiritual support well into the future. The needs in Eastern Europe are real and there is still a lot of work to do to bring people out of the poverty cycle and into self-sufficiency. Whether you are writing your first Will or amending your current one, you will assure that the next generation will benefit from your care and support, and that lives will be changed for a brighter future in Eastern Europe.

After providing for your family first, please prayerfully consider leaving a Gift in Will to the ministry of Mission Without Borders. Contact our office today, to express your interest to leave a Gift in Will and to receive the wording you will need to give to your solicitor or legal representative. 

Our promise to you

Creating a will can be simple and inexpensive. It is also the most reliable way for you to ensure your wishes are carried out after you have gone. If you are thinking about making a will, we strongly advise you to discuss it with a solicitor. They will ensure that all legal aspects are correct so that the will is valid.

We understand that making decisions about your future is a personal and private process. We promise that we will never pressure you to express your intentions and we know that your family and loved ones must always come first. Any gifts you leave will be handled respectfully. We will always ensure that your gift is used appropriately so that it has as big an impact as possible. Finally, we will always respect your decision and your right to change your mind about leaving a gift to Mission Without Borders.

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