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Guiding the way: Our CEO’s Lasting Vision and Direction

Everyday, our local staff meet people who have very few opportunities in life.

We see Roma families living in remote villages, their children dropping out of school early to help at home. We see elderly people who are lonely and struggling to get by on very little money, feeling that their lives have already ended.

We see refugees fleeing conflict, having left behind everything – jobs and communities and homes and all their hopes for the future, both big and small.

We see children being told not to bother dreaming they will achieve anything in life; would be students knowing they can't afford further study. We see talented men and women unable to fulfil their potential because their lives are all about survival and nothing more.

Thats why creating opportunities is something we are passionate about. It's a combination of things - creating ongoing opportunities such as our after-school clubs that help children with their studies - or one-off opportunities like providing tools for a "would be" mechanic.

Some opportunities are like seeds planted, that we trust will bear fruit in time – the opportunity to hear the Gospel, the opportunity of a safe space to grow in, the opportunity of a trusted friend to turn to, the opportunity of a local church to offer community and discipleship.

Others are more like a door miraculously opening, a once-in-a-lifetime chance: the means to earn a living and support your family, a week away from the challenges of life at Summer Camp, a Scholarship. Those are the life-changers, the ones no one ever forgets.

And of course, at Mission Without Borders, we have wonderful opportunities to see God at work as we seek to share his love with others. All over the world, our supporters take the opportunity to partner with us – to share what they have to bless people living in poverty in Eastern Europe.

The opportunities are there to be taken, if only our eyes are open to see them. Thank you for joining us in our vision of all that is possible – and for labouring with us in Christ to open new doors and provide new ways forward to families, children and elderly people in Eastern Europe