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Grigorie, 29, and Oxana, 26,faced not only poverty but a difficult past, growing up without the warmth of a family.

Neglect and dysfunction led them to spend their childhood in a children’s home. Vitalie, a devoted family worker with Mission Without Borders (MWB), witnessed their struggles firsthand and provided emotional and material support.

Years later, Grigorie and Oxana, now parents of two young children, Sofia and Vasile, live in an old abandoned house.

For them, the joy and pride of having their own home helps them see past its many issues. Working hard to provide the best for their children, they strive to create a nurturing environment, unlike their own childhood experience.

Grigorie works tirelessly in various jobs to support the family while Oxana cares for their children with love and dedication. Vitalie shares, “Oxana always tells me, ‘I want to offer my children the things I lacked'."

Despite all their hard work and dedication, life continues to be tough for the couple. 

Vitalie, a pillar of support, encourages them to believe in their value and reminds them of God’s love and plans. Vitalie shares "We try to be close to them in their needs so that they understand they are not alone. This is very important to them: to know people are thinking about and caring for them.”

Through family sponsorship, MWB aims to empower parents like Grigorie and Oxana. With support from dedicated individuals like Vitalie and you, brick by brick, we can help families discover their full potential. With your help, MWB can continue nurturing families and changing lives. Join us in transforming lives through family sponsorship.

Together, we empower families to overcome poverty

We provide support, helping families overcome poverty. Join us in equipping families for a brighter future.
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