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Tribute to lives lost

Last month, people who each had shared through their own months of unimaginable trauma, many who had fled their own homes, their country, took a moment to gather in one place and remember those they had lost. 

The families and friends of two volunteers who lost their lives during an attempt to evacuate civilians, gathered to pay their respects.

One of the volunteers was Mykhailo Suprun, whose family had journeyed with us for many years through Mission Without Borders’ family sponsorship program.

A memorial plaque was unveiled in the place where the two men had been killed – and for the first time, Mykhailo’s family saw the car where he had been shot before it was set ablaze. His son began to search the car to see if there was anything inside that would remind him of his father.

The Suprun family had been supported through our family sponsorship program for several years and had been doing really well. MWB provided professional tools to Mykhailo as a self-sufficiency project and their situation had improved so much that they were withdrawn from the sponsorship program.

This summer, the Supruns were enrolled for a second time and will receive regular support once more from MWB, now that Oksana, 39, is a widow. It feels like such a small thing we can do for this family when they are walking through so much tragedy and struggle.

“I first got to know the family in their darkest season,” said Pavlo Melnik, the MWB staff member who is supporting the Supruns. “I didn’t know the late Mykhailo in person, but I’m sure that he was wonderful father and husband. His children are very polite and intelligent.

“I’ve visited the family several times. We talked, prayed, and cried. It is a huge loss they are dealing with, and I only hope that God has special relief for the mother and children. Four of the children went to MWB’s summer camp this summer. We’re providing the family with food and hygiene items, and I keep in touch regularly with the mother to find out the family’s needs.” 

Sadly our team in the field share this is just one of the many devastating and heartbreaking stories that has clouded their new reality this year.

Help us journey with these families in their darkest days by giving a regular gift to the Ukraine Crisis. Your gift and support will help us meet their critical needs but also enable us to stay by their side while they rebuild their lives again.