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Mission Without Borders cares about the long-term success of our sponsored families. Their future sustainability is important and our programs and strategies are designed to bring each family to self-sufficiency.

Self-sufficiency projects provide families with items that will enable the family to earn their own income and provide for themselves. For example, if the Coordinator identifies that the father in a family has skills in car mechanics, but does not have his own tools to earn an income, we may establish a Self-sufficiency project for him to receive car mechanics tools and establish his own Car Mechanics workshop. Of course, the family will still receive the usual care being enrolled in the Family to Family Sponsorship program, and the Coordinator will work with the family to help them establish and run their business, until they are at a point that they no longer need MWB’s support and are self-sufficient, earning their own income. This may be for a period of 6 – 12 months after implementing the project. Self-sufficiency projects are initiated by our Field staff and Coordinators by identifying the families who, through their individual Care Plan and progress, are ready to take this next step to self-sufficiency.


Families became self-sufficient thanks to your empowering support!