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Sowing Seeds to give Hope to Families

Calija _seeds _bh -03Nikola still remembers riding his bike through the rural outskirts of Mostar as grenades fell around hum. He was five years old at the time, and the bloodiest war in Europe since World War II had just begun. 

"I remember the grenades and the chaos and knowing that we had to leave," Nikola says. 

His family fled for a refugee town in what is today Bosnia-Herzegovina. When the war ended they returned to Mostar, most of which had been destroyed. Nikola's father had abandoned them, and they struggled to find any employment. Nikola married and had a family, but two years ago his wife left him and their two children. Desperate and helpless he approached Mission Without Borders seeking help. 

"It means so much to receive support." Branka, the grandmother of the family says. "We didnt expect it from anybody, as we are often rejected here, but you are different. Apart from  having peace, day to day living here is as difficult as it was 20 years ago. Your help is the only chance we have."

"In their rural setting, once we enrolled the family into our Family to Family program, I saw they had potential to launch an agriculture project as they have some land and some goats," Drazan, MWB's coordinator for the region says. "All they needed was a helping hand to get started. Now, this family are making great progress albeit under stressful circumstances, but we are here to support them, step by step."

The impact for Nikola and his family is plain to see, as their garden is now full of salad vegetables, peas, spinach, potatoes, onions, carrots and parsley. The products help them provide for themselves, while also giving the opportunity to make an income by selling at the market in the city.

"We always have hope," Nikola says holding his two shy children cloesly. "We are getting there."

MWB in conjuntion with donation from generous supporters provided 250 Seeds of Hope boxes to local families in the Bosnia-Herzegovina rural areas. By supporting this ministry you can provide families just like Nikola's a chance to take the first step towards self-sufficiency. Please give generously today.  

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