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Grace, Love and Reconciliation

"We are all in the same crisis together..."

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Three beneficiaries from Serbian, Croatian and Bosniak backgrounds who ahve found reconciliation, peace and hope at the Soup Kitchen.

Two decades ago all sides were killing each other. Today, they sit together, eat soup, play chess and know a little job in their very hard lives. Glamoc, Bosnia-Herzegovinia, was fiercly fought over by Serbian, Croatian and Bosniak armies, during the bloodiest war Europe had seen since World War Two, between 1992 and 1995.

Trauma lives on quietly here. Some things that  happened during the war will never be forgotten, and the impact of so much division, hate, identity, genocide and flying bullets is hard to forgive. However, at the Soup Kitchen in Glamoc - something is different.

"I don't hate anybody, I was sick, but now I am healed of hate. I do not look at others as another nationality at the Soup Kitchen - we are all in the same crisis together" Dubravka, a Croatian woman says.

During the war, Dubravka and her family were faced with the choice of becoming refugges or going to a concentration camp. Home as they knew it ceased to exist, as they were sent away on buses as part of a national cleansing process.

Despite this horrendous experience, she and many other victims of the war have found some comfort and reconciliation here.

"When the MWB Soup Kitchen opened, we were all treated equally and were brought together as one. Here i have somewhere to open my heart, to say what I really feel and know that I am cared for."

Life after the war in Bosnia-Herzegovinia has not been easy for thousands of displaced and abandoned people. They have had to cope with PTSD, homelessness, unemployment, rebuilding or restarting their lives in a new country, and complete uncertaintly. Not to mention deadly landmines and extreme poverty.

MWB's Community Centres and Soup Kitchens offer a place of refuge and comfort to those who, 25 years on are still struggling with life, reconciliation and understanding where they belong. Your support of our ministry means we can support people like Dubravka and thousands of others, who simply cannot live without our help. Give generously today and make a difference to those in need.


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