"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."
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Would you live here? Many families do...


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Albanians from the poorest part of the country are leaving their homes, making their way to a community in the port city of Durres, in seach of a better life. However, this community is situated on land that was previously a swamp. Sadly, rather than finding a better life, the reality is, they find the same hopelessness and struggle, just in a different place.

"This community is a town within a city and it is where the majority of the families we serve live. The area is completely flat (2m below sea level) and it was one of the few places where the poor could build huts. In the winter when it rains, the whole place floods and there is no proper sewerage system or water supply." Kostandin Vasilini-MWB Program Manager, Albania.

The poor who came here did not realise that the land was so polluted and flood prone. The ground on which the houses are built is on stable, and the buildings are slowly sinking. No one would choose to live here, but for many there is no other choice. MWB is in search of other solutions to support families here.

Families who live here are treated as outcasts in the rest of the city because of their background and poverty. Education is almost impossible, and illiteracy is a huge problem as many parents have no choice but to send their children out to the streets to collect and scavage items to sell so they can eat. The poverty cycle simply continues. In this area alone, MWB's Albanian team supports 91 families and has developed partnerships and works closely with the local church to help the poeple living here. "We build trust with the parents to help them. We provide the children with a means to go to school and give them confidence and encourage the parents to keep them in school.

MWB need your support to assist these families living in crisis. By sponsoring an Albanian familiy in this region, you can begin to provide hope to them on every level. Your support brings food and hygiene parcels for the family, clothes, shoes, blankets and medical support.

Through your donations and sponsorships, you can create sustainable and long term change, helping families find a better life, filled with hope.


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