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Is it really December already? As we prepare for the onset of summer, those in Eastern Europe really begin to feel the effects of the harsh winter months ahead of them. For many, winter is an exciting and joyful time. Children wait impatiently for the snow to fall so they can go sledding and make snowmen.

TV advertising and the media try to paint a perfect picture of a white Christmas for children and families. Unfortunately many simply forget that across the world there are millions of families huddling together in below zero temperatures without adequate heating, warm shoes and clothes, trying to survive the cold.

In the small village of Ermoclia in Southern Moldova temperatures in winter can fall to -25 degrees celcius. The only source of heating for the locals is firewood, which is expensive when you consider that it costs $330 per one tonne of briquettes, and the maximum income per family, where just the father works, is only $100 a month.

The Gojan family in Ermocila face this reality this winter, and it is far from a fairytale. 

Winter is the hardest time however for families like the Gojan's. They particularly lack warm shoes, clothes and firewood. In autumn they begin to gather branches from the vineyards and the forests, but it is never enough. However, this year as a result of MWB's Operation Winter Rescue project, the family have received 50 sacks of briquettes which will help them heat their home until spring. 

Please give to help families just like the Gojan's this winter. 

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