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Can I purchase more than one gift for my Sponsor Child ($60)?
No there is only the opportunity to purchase one gift for each child. If you have more to give may we encourage you to give extra Christmas Gifts to children whose sponsors may be unable to afford one...
What is an Extra Family and Extra Child Gift?
Not every sponsor can afford to give a Christmas gift to their sponsored family or child. By giving extra child or family gifts, you are helping to ensure everyone in our program will receive a life-c...
Can I purchase a Sponsor Family Gift for my Sponsored Child's family?
If your child is Living at home with their family you are able to purchase a gift for them! This is only available in ROMANIA and MOLDOVA
Can I purchase children gifts for those in my sponsored family?
Thankfully you don't have to! Your family sponsor gift will include special gifts for the children in your family. Because there are multiple sponsors for a family we can make sure everyone in the fam...
If I purchase an OCL box will that go towards my family/child?
Sadly we cannot make it possible for you to give an OCL box directly to your family. The 42,000 boxes will reach most of the homes of those we journey with but these boxes will also help to reach thos...
What is the Difference Between an OCL and a Sponsor Gift
Your sponsor gift is a direct gift to your family that blesses them with the things they need most.OCL Boxes are all packed the same with the essential food and Christmas Christian literature that wil...




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