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Helping children in poverty get to be a kid for the first time!

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Being a Kid for the first time!

This summer more than 4,000 vulnerable children will experience the joy of adventure and childhood for the first time at Mission Without Borders Summer Camps across Eastern Europe - including 1,000 children from Ukraine!

These children have been displaced from their homes because of the war in Ukraine, or live in great poverty - many of whom find themselves having to be the responsible one and juggling chores at home as well as school, leaving them exhausted, emotionally and physically.

Can you help give these children just be a kid?

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It is always rewarding when we can get our whole family involved in our giving and helping our younger generations see the impact they can have on the world. Why not use this opportunity to start a conversation about how other children live around the world and how your little ones can make a big impact.

Your Impact!

“I remember the first summer camp these kids went on. It was shower time and one of our 8 year old boys was found just standing and staring. He didn't know what to do because he’d never taken a shower before. Imagine his joy in learning that he didn’t have to worry about the water running out.”

The children in these villages are growing up in incredibly tough home environments and receive very little educational, emotional or spiritual guidance from their parents or the wider community. Others have faced displacement and the trauma of war in Ukraine.

Most have never known what it is to wake to a loving meal, experience the freedom to play and fall asleep in a safe bed.

Together we can give children in poverty the chance to have a safe place to play, learn and experience life-changing moments through Mission Without Borders Summer Camps.

Look below and Share some of theses kid's stories!

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“I used to think that almost no one cared about me and my sister. But at summer camp, God shows us how precious and loved we are to Him.” - Anastasia
Thank you for helping support Summer Camps!