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The Only thing on our Christmas List is Food

Millions will go hungry this Christmas as war, the global food crisis and the cost of living force so many more below the poverty line. 

Give a Christmas Food Box

“The most I can ever imagine giving my kids for Christmas is a piece of bread on the table.” 

Let's help make that dream come true and so much more this Christmas!

Viorica, a mother of three in Moldova, struggles every day with the harsh poverty she lives in with her family. 

Secure, well-paid work is hard to come by, and there is never enough money even for basic essentials, never mind Christmas treats.  

One of the poorest countries in Europe, Moldova’s already precarious economy has been hit hard in recent years. Utility bills have increased by tenfold, food prices have skyrocketed, and now, even bread seems like a luxury item. 

Viorica’s family lives in a small house with no running water and no gas supply. She washes the family’s clothes in cold water outside, even in winter, and gives the boys porridge for lunch every day as that’s all they can afford. 

As Christmas approaches, Viorica wishes she could save up for a celebratory meal, with treats and presents for the boys. Instead, the cupboards are empty and paid work is scarce in winter.

All she wants for Christmas is food. 

Give A Christmas Food Box

The Impact of Your Donation

Give Food This Christmas

Each box costs $50 and contains a selection of rice, pasta, sugar, flour, tinned meat, tinned vegetables, biscuits, soup mix, cooking oil, condensed milk, jam, sweets, and chocolate.

Share The Message of Christ

Each person and family who receives a Christmas Box also has the opportunity to hear the Christmas story. Our local coordinator will happily sit and talk about Jesus with anyone who wants and also has plenty of Christian literature to leave for a person or family to read through later.

Bring Families Together

"MWB’s presence here is like an anchor through the storms of poverty and family problems." Through Operation Christmas Love and other projects, MWB will continue to reach out with the love of God, a love that never fails.

At Mission Without Borders, we believe that no child should be left feeling hungry on Christmas day – and no parent feeling hopeless – not on the day when we celebrate the birth of God’s Son. 

That’s where Operation Christmas Love comes in. Your donation can pay for a Christmas Box filled with essential food items and treats for a family like Viorica’s, living in deep poverty. Also included is the Christmas story, to give families the opportunity to discover God’s incredible love. 

Donate now to make a difference for families living in poverty in Eastern Europe.  

All they want for Christmas is food. 

"It is incredible to me that families get so much joy out of simple things. We've had many years where we had very little available but MWB and your Christmas boxes is not demanding and is not hard to give too."
Sue, MWB Supporter

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