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Stickmen For Stats Bosnia


Mission Without Borders began working in Yugoslavia in 1991, establishing our Bosnia-Herzegovina office soon after.

The Bosnian War of 1992-95 was devastating for the whole country. Suffering bitter fighting and many atrocities, thousands died. About two million people (half the population) were displaced. The economy collapsed. Bosnians were left impoverished and traumatised.


Seventeen years after the war, there are still thousands in refugee camps. Ethnic tensions still run high, and of a population of 4.6 million, 18.6% are below the poverty line.

Focusing on people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds, we encourage reconciliation. Over 100 families participate in our family sponsorship programme in Bosnia-Herzegovina.


As well as meeting basic needs, we enable families to become self-sufficient by setting up micro-enterprise projects. Working with local churches, Mission Without Borders offers food, warmth and comfort to the elderly at community centres in Zenica and Glamoc. Glamoc, in particular, has a large population of elderly single people. Of 4,500 inhabitants, 800 are over the age of 60. Many are Bosnian war refugees.

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