"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."

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"Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it." 1 Corinthians 12:27

Your church is part of the answer for building up the body and reaching people for Christ across Eastern Europe. We believe that as a church, when we look out, and reach out, God blesses others. That's why we offer opportunities for churches to join us in bringing children, families and communities hope and changed lives, both now and for eternity.


Could your church, or church groups, pray for MWB on a regular basis? We welcome your support through prayer and worship. To help you pray for MWB, please refer to our Prayer Guides


Build your own church community by doing some fun fundraising for MWB. Have a cake stall, car wash, mufti day at school or work, host a dinner party, garage sale, to mention a few.


Your church may want to put faith into action in a practical and loving way. We can offer you links with a particular children's home or community centre. Or perhaps the whole church could support a family or child through sponsorship.


Would you like to know more about MWB? Then book a speaker for a church service, group or your Mission Service. We have members of staff and volunteers who can tell you how we work, who we work with and how you could help.  We await your invitation.