"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."

What we do

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Building hope for impoverished people and communities

Working across Europe's six poorest countries, we stand side by side with families, children and elderly people to help them move towards self-sufficiency. This year we will bring hope to over 20,000 children, around 9,000 families and more than 150,000 elderly people. We are committed to enabling long-term, sustainable change through our sponsorship schemes, family and child support programmes and community care.

How we work

We meet the needs of the whole person through five core priorities:

• Spiritual development 
• Education
• Emotional care (counseling and building self-esteem)
• Material support
• Long-term sustainability

Taking advantage of over 50 years knowledge and experience, we tackle poverty through strong community relationships. We make a difference through our neighbourhood network of over 4,000 volunteers, close partnerships with local churches and exceptional relationships with governments.