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Vitalina's Story

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Children's Lives Transformed Through Your Support

Vitalina remembers nothing of her life before she was sent to live at one of Ukraine's 700 State-run Children's Institutions, as a vulnerable four year old girl.

Not long after she graduated, frightened and enticed by the world that awaited her, Vitalina found refuge at a Christian Centre that dedicated their time to supporting children who had grown up in a Children's Home. It was here, covered by God's grace and security that Vitalina found out the terrible truth about her family.

"I had a twin sister," Vitalina said. "Once, when she was crying at night, my drunk parents punched her. The child became silent. In the morning they found her dead. My step father took the blame on himself and went to jail." Vitalina also discovered that she has 4 other siblings that she's never met who all shared a similar story.

All of them had been abandoned by her mother, left to be raised in another Children's Home. "At one time, our mother tried to kill one of her babies - but it was a miracle; other people saw what she was doing and saved the baby's life."

When Vitalina was enrolled into our Sponsorship Program and connected to a loving sponsor, Vitalina began to learn and experience what it's truly like to be loved and valued. 

Vitalina said, "I remember the puppet shows, holiday concerts and presents that MWB would bring to us. It all created an atmosphere of happiness and love, which we, who were orphans, desperately needed. These touches of love and attention made all the difference to the cold emptiness of our hearts." Vitalina started to attend Bible classes provided by MWB volunteers in school. "I liked those lessons because each child there was treated as special," she said. "But the most precious thing of all for me was going to MWB's Summer Camp. I got to go there three times. It was only there that I felt truly accepted, needed and loved. At camp I realised what friendship, acceptance and love mean."

"The kind attitude of the volunteers started healing my broken heart and I was open to the truth of the Bible. Although I didn't understand much at the time, the seeds that were planted influenced my life greatly later on."

Vitalina's sponsor journeyed with her until she later went on to graduate from school and the Children's Home. For Vitalina the support and love that she received from her sponsor was an invaluable connection - it helped her not feel so alone, "The letters from my sponsor were a kind of connection with the world. It helped me not to feel like just another orphan without a future, closed up inside a Children's Home." She added, "I want to thank those who served me. I would like you to tell the MWB sponsors that their dedication and help made such a great difference in my life."

Because of the love and compassion shown by Vitalina's sponsor, the volunteers at MWB and the generosity that allowed her to go to Summer Camp, Vitalina was able to overcome so many challenges that could have very easily led her down a devastating path.  But now, Vitalina has grown into a strong and passionate 23 year old who is full of dreams and plans. She has a boyfriend and they are both praying for God's will for their relationship. She sings in the church choir and volunteers at Summer Camp.

Vitalina has turned a hurtful and challenging childhood into a beautiful testament for God, which she now uses in her ministry, encouraging other orphans. Vitalina shares, "I often go to Children's Homes together with other Christians. I see the children and understand that if they find God, everything will be ok. It inspires me to serve them with all of my heart and strength."