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"I Survived." Alexandra's story

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As sensitive as this issue is, we as a mission seek to serve the most vulnerable and needy as Jesus told us to. We are committed to helping victims of domestic violence when they are desperate to break free and protect their children. 

"Soon after we were married, I noticed tension increasing in our home. He started drinking more and getting abusive. The first time he hit me, I was pregnant."

Alexandra, a young woman in Moldova (her name has been changed) has a story which unfortunately is not unusual or unique in some parts of Eastern Europe. 

In the months that followed, she did her best to "behave" and restore her relationship with her husband, but the violence never left the home. In a brave and desperate moment, she took her children and left him. 

According to Unicef, 60% of Moldovan women are affected by violence in the home and 1 in 10 believe that it is their husbands right to beat them. 

Heartbroken and homeless, Alexandra asked her parents to take her in, but they refused as divorce brings shame on families. "It was a question of honour for them, they believed I should have been faithful and obedient to my husband. They turned me away."

Life changed for Alexandra when she contacted the local church, supported by Mission Without Borders, asking for help.

Alexandra began attending meetings for women and was provided with encouragement, counselling and found hope there. "The church became a refuge for me, a place where I found peace, protection and acceptance."

At the Women's Ministry, she meets other women who have been through similar experiences to her. Here, women are free to talk, let go of their burdens, share their struggles and help each other find a way forward in their lives. They are also taught and encouraged to forgive their husbands, and that it is through Jesus Christ that their broken hearts can be restored. 

"My heart has been opened, I am slowly letting go of my bitterness and I am thankful to MWB for the support and love they are providing for myself and my children."

Will you help us contine to support Alexandra and some of the hundreds of other abused women who will turn to us for support this year?