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Many of the families supported by MWB feel adrift, lurching from crisis to crisis. 

‘We are cast-aways. Our neighbours avoid us because we’re poor, although it’s not our fault,’ says Ira Mischenko, who is now bringing up four children alone, after being abandoned by her husband. 

Ira is understandably embittered: ‘My former husband doesn’t support us in any way. I don’t know what kind of monster he is,’ she says.

Ira also worries about the long-term effects on her children of the abuse and cruelty they suffered when their father lived with them. 

Ira feels alone and overwhelmed by her circumstances. She cries as she tells us that she has no-one to help, her parents having died some time ago. Her life is one of constant stress. 

The family live in a house that looks condemned, with a roof about to collapse and a bare clay floor. Two daughters share a space that is little more than a closet. 

Thankfully, the local church and community became aware of the family’s needs and started supporting them. They have also now been enrolled in the Mission Without Borders’ family sponsorship programme. 

They receive no financial help from the state. Ira has found temporary work as a caretaker, earning about 8 dollars a day. While Ira’s life is very difficult and she often feels like giving up, her devotion to her children is incredible. Despite her own difficulties, she makes sure they are loved and cared for. 

Life not been kind to Ira and what she needs most of all is hope. Please pray that she and her family find hope in God.


 Now more than ever families in Ukraine need our help in these dangerous and uncertain times. Sponsoring a familiy in Ukraine through Mission Without Borders will give you the power to directly impact a familiy who desperately needs your help. Your $40 sponsorship will help provide one-on-one support for families in poverty, providing ongoing urgent care through food and hygeine parcels. More importantly it is giving them a pathway out of their poverty, a path they don't travel alone but with an incredible community armed with the Love of Christ.

This rapidly evolving crisis in Eastern Ukraine is having an enourmous impact on every family and child in Ukraine. As prices rise exponetially and conflict threatens to erupt at any moment, families who were already struggling now find themselves in an impossible situation.

Let us stand with these families and #StandWithHope by sponsoring 40 families in Ukraine!

Together we can find a way to let God's light shine and breakthrough. 

Sponsor a Family! 



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