“We feel secure as we know we’re not alone
Andrey & Emiliya's Story


Andrey and Emilia had been Married for 15 years and were raising two beautiful children, before being enrolled in our family sponsorhip program through Sevda's churc. They are both Roma but Andrey comes from a Muslim family, while Emilia was raised by Christian parents. 

“When we first met this family, they were living in unihabitable conditions. They had just one room without a bathroom or a toilet,” said Ventislav, the family worker who supports them. “You could also see the struggle of having two different faiths. For us, it was a challenge to help them come together in their beliefs. 

Transformed Lives

“Now, several years later, their situation has changed drastically. TThe generosity of supporters enabled us to bless them with household furnityre and other necessary items. They’ve managed to build a bathroom and a toilet, and their children attend the after school project and other MWB projects. Both parents are employed and the family is moving towards self-sufficiency.” 

However, the most important change is measured not by the family’s material progress, but by the change in their hearts. 

Andrey said, “God has helped me so much in my life, even during the years when I was far away from Him. Four years ago I starting having panic attacks and God healed me. That touched my heart and I accepted Jesus as my Saviour. Now I’m free of my sins and of my anxiety.” 

Emilia said, “Both Ventsislav and Sevda have played a such an important role in our spiritual growth. On each of his visits, Ventsislav talks to us about God, prays with us and gives us Christian literature to read. Sevda is like an older sister to me, like a spiritual mother. Over the years she has offered us acceptance and support and she’s always been available to us when we have problems. She’s spent lots of time praying with us and for us.” 

“The overall support of the Mission throughout the years has been invaluable,” said Andrey. “We feel secure as we know we’re not alone. MWB is like a shoulder we can always lean on.”