During our trip into Eastern Ukraine, we visited several local and refugee families to bring them Operation Christmas Love Box.
This opened the door for us to spend time with these people, to present them Bibles, and to pray together.

Meet 4 families who received a life-saving box thanks to your generous support!

Oleysa and her family of 3

Olesya and her three children are a family of refugees from a town that was destroyed in the conflict while people were still living there. Her family had to survive without food, water, or electricity for some time until they had a chance to escape. At last when they fled, they left without any possessions or money.

Olesya said, “For half a year, we lived on the floor in my friends’ apartment. My children had to stay at an orphanage as I couldn’t provide them with food. During these years, kind people have been helping us and providing us with the necessities. Now we have to rent a place and I pay for it with almost my entire poor income.”



Lyudmyla, 82, has a daughter who is a military doctor and who stays on the frontline mobile hospital most of the time. The grandmother is doing her best to raise her granddaughter well. She said, “When our town was severely bombed and everything was on fire, people literally jumped out of the windows, shouting and trying to escape. We were happy to have enough money to pay a taxi driver to drive us away. Those who had no money had to stay and many of them died.”

Lyudmyla has never stopped trusting God and she is deeply thankful for any support she receives.


Anna and Petro

Anna and Petro have five beautiful children and are living in extreme poverty. Sadly, Petro has looked to alcohol and drugs to deal with all he has faced. Their living conditions are terrible and their eldest son is suffering from arthrosis and kidney disease and is in very weak health.

We are thankful to God that we have had the opportunity to reach out to this family, who now will sometimes join a Bible study group - run by a pastor in an adjoining apartment.


Lyuba's Family

Lyuba has eight children. She and her husbands are alcoholics, and the family’s living conditions are terribly poor.

Pastor Oleg and other volunteers from his church are doing their best to reach and support Lyuba and her family. We continue to pray that their hearts would be transformed by the light of the gospel and God's Hope shown through the love of the church and work of MWB.


Your support continues to reach people in Eastern Europe. Together we are transforming the future of nations one person at a time. Have a lasting and personal impact - Sponsor a family!

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