What hope looks like for Bianca and her Family

"The Mission gave us everything we needed to have a good start." 

Bianca has come a long way since she had her first baby at 16. Mission Without Borders (MWB) staff member, Sorin, first met three of Bianca's children a few years ago, in a daycare centre belonging to an orphanage he worked in. The family were living in poverty and struggling. 

Sorin said, “The children used to go to the centre every day for a warm meal and stayed for the After School Care so they could get help with their homework, as their parents weren’t able to help.”

The needs of Bianca’s family were overwhelming and Sorin knew MWB needed to do more to help them.

Bianca said, “The Mission gave us everything we needed to give us a good start. We received donated goods including a fridge, a stove, a washing machine, furniture, clothes, shoes, toys, household and kitchen stuff. We know very well that our sponsors – whom we are very grateful to – made all this possible for us. Summer camps, Christian Input events and special events are all times well spent and we are happy to know our children are safe and loved.”

Throughout their hardships, Bianca’s family have felt encouraged and supported by their MWB sponsors, enjoying the regular letters, photos, gifts and heartfelt greetings from their friends abroad. Thanks to this support over the years, they have now come to a point where they are ready to continue thriving on their own.Misho himself grew up in poverty in this village – and his character and outlook have been deeply shaped by his experiences. He has a great deal of understanding and compassion for those who are struggling.

Sorin said, “The father is a hardworking man and in his free time, sometimes together with his family, he takes on jobs cutting wood in the forest for people in the community. His chainsaw was very old and in bad shape, so when the opportunity came for us to help set them up in business, they were happy to receive a new chainsaw and accessories, which helps them boost their monthly income.”

The project that raised enough money for them to purchase a chainsaw was an incredible blessing. The path this investment set them on is where they saw the harvest of their hope - to build a better future for their children.

Their journey started with them struggling to simply feed their children and were heartbroken as they watched their children struggle with their schooling. Now, one of their children is training to become a mechanic and with the extra income they can provide for their children and give back to their community.

Bianca shares, “There are many other families out there who need help and we’re thankful they chose us, strangers from a different culture and gave us the chance to team up with them on our life journey. Our life is finer because of their steadfast commitment and generosity.”

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