"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."

Love Wrapped Inside a Box

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Operation Christmas Love is one of our most important campaigns reaching thousands of families throughout Eastern Europe. After months of planning and packing over 30,000 boxes with love and care, our volunteers drive the trucks through war torn areas, carry boxes on sleds in freezing blizzards and knock on doors in impoverished communities to get these boxes to families in need before Christmas day. 

Our OCL campaign is an enormous operation and every $50 we receive helps us to pack one more box for a family who live in unfathomable circumstances.  The moments that count in this massive operation is when that one box is handed to a giggling child who is experiencing what Christmas is for the first time, witnessing the flood of relief in a single mother's eyes who can now feed her 5 children or the smiles and memories shared with an elderly couple who have escaped war. With tears in their eyes and tears in ours, the true meaning of Christmas is shared in that moment. 



Giving an OCL box this Christmas is more than just a gift of food. It is a gift of Hope as we tangibly share the true meaning of Christmas. 

Every single one of these 30,000 boxes will be shared with a family whose stories are clouded by poverty and fear for their children's futures. How could we not be a part of this operation? 

Help us share the hope and light of God with Eastern Europe this Christmas!

You can request to include your very own personalised Christmas Card with every OCL Box you donate this year! Just let us know and we will sign one on your behalf.

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$50 Will share the Love of Christmas with a family.


Don't forget if you would like us to sign a Christmas Card on your behalf to go with your OCL box! After making your donation, to leave a comment regarding the nature of your donation please kindly send us an email at with your surname as reference. Alternatively, please add your comment in the (Note to Seller) section within PayPal.