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More Than Soup Fundraiser

"Every meal and warm bed is an act of love, every act of love is made possible by you!"

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When winter comes thousands in Eastern Europe are forced to choose between staying warm or being fed.
Elderly are often isolated and children vulnerable. 

Our community centres serves as a beacon of hope, providing more than just warm food, but a place to find security and community.
Each Centre relies on your generous giving to keep their doors open each year. For many who walk through our doors, they wouldn't no where else to turn to. 

Hosting a More Than Soup Fundraiser is a fun and simple way to help raise money and awareness for those who need a hot nutritious meal!

What is it?

A More Than Soup fundraiser is a fun and simple way to raise money for a hot nutritious meal for refugees, children and elderly who are struggling in poverty. 

By inviting your friends to a meal and asking them to donate, you can make a real difference in the lives of those  who rely on the Mission’s soup kitchens.

You decide the food to cook, who to invite and where to eat. We'll help you with a Host Resource Pack to help your fundraiser be a success which will include some traditional soup recipes from our field countries. What are you waiting for? Register Your Event Now

"There is such a wonderful feeling of gratitude in being able to help people we will never meet have warm, healthy meals in difficult living conditions. - Soup Host

About our Soup Kitchens

The money raised goes towards Soup Kitchens that help people in desperate need. The soup kitchens work in partnership with the local church, MWB staff and volunteers, who provide hot, nutritious meals for elderly people and others who are unable to leave their homes. The meals are delivered five days a week and served alongside the good news of the Gospel. “When I first met the elderly people and saw their living conditions, I was distressed. I couldn’t believe that this kind of poverty still exists in our age of comfort and opportunities.''Nina, a 17-year-old student at Sarny Vocational training centre, run by Mission Without Borders (MWB), volunteers at MWB’s Soup Kitchen in Sarny, western Ukraine. The Soup Kitchen has been running for over 14 years, providing meals to the elderly and disabled. Meals are delivered to beneficiaries if they are housebound.

“I saw people who stay at home for months on end and can't take care of even their most basic needs. They literally just exist and survive."  - Nina


Register to host an event and we’ll send you a host pack filled with resources to help you plan your fundraiser.


Tell all your friends & family about your fundraiser, why you are passionate about the Mission, and ask them to support you.


Now you cook! Put together your event with the help of our Host Resource Pack and have fun enjoying your meal.


Don't forget to bank your raised money to give hope and warmth to those in need.

Their Stories from the Field

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We are so grateful for. you joining our community of mission advocates as you raise awareness and support. Together we can bring hope and restoration as we work to break the cycle of poverty in Eastern Europe. As a Fundraiser on behalf of Mission Without Borders we need you to carefully read the attached guidelines and agreement.
  • I agree to conduct my fundraising event in accordance with the attached Guidelines, which I have read. I verify that I am in proper physical & mental health to participate in the fundraiser and acknowledge that I am aware of any risks that might be involved, and voluntarily agree to assume those risks.
  • I, the church or anyone involved in this fundraising activity cannot claim against Mission Without Borders Australia Ltd or its Directors and staff for loss, damage or injury, however occurring, as a direct or indirect result of this fundraising activity.