"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."

Givinghopetitle Tax Deductibility

Mission Without Borders does not qualify for Deductible Gift Recipient Status (and cannot offer tax deductible donations).  Unfortunately, we do not qualify as our ministry is 'Reaching People for Christ', which essentially means Christian witness is central to our entire ministry. According to the Australian Taxation Office, Christian witness intertwined with humanitarian aid work is not an acceptable combination for an organisation attracting tax deductible gifts in Australia for overseas work.

For Mission Without Borders, we are not willing to water down our Christian ministry for the sake of tax deductibility, as we believe our holistic ministry that encompasses Spiritual, Emotional, Educational and Material elements (our S.E.E.M. framework of support), is what God has called us to do.

In addition, the Australian government classifies countries in one of two categories, either Developed or Developing. Our field countries are considered developed and therefore our ministry in these countries would never qualify for tax deductibility. This view of the Australia government does not accurately reflect the reality of the tremendous poverty the children, families, disabled and elderly in Eastern Europe endure and the crucial nature of our ministry. The Australian government believes our focus of assistance should be in our own 'backyard'; in the Pacific and Asia regions, as well as extending support to Africa and will consider tax deductibility status for work in these regions of the world.

As of May 2011, it appears the Australian government is determined to tighten the rules even further, which means we are further away from securing tax deductibility than we have ever been. It is a point of prayer, as the government is threatening to target all forms of ministry being undertaken by religious groups, be that in Australia and overseas. If you consider other organisations in Australia that do attract tax deductibility and are overtly Christian, they have secured tax deductibility before the Australian Government tightened their rules in 2011. With the current balance of power being shifted to minor political parties who have a definite agenda away from Christianity, the current situation is not conducive to allowing us the freedom to encourage anyone to seek the Lord.

Thank you for your willingness to support our ministry, despite the lack of tax deductibility. We will continue to monitor the situation and if the rules are relaxed we will once again pursue securing tax deductibility status.