"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."



"I don't know what will happen after. But I am so thankful to God we are alive! That's a miracle"

- Daughter from one of our sponsored families                                        (their home was destroyed.)


The 6.5 magnitude earthquake that devasted Durres (the heart od MWB Albania) on the 26th November,  has claimed 40 lives and left over 650 people injured. Many have lost their homes and have now been forced to seek shelter on the streets!

Now more than ever they need our support!!

We are working alongside the Evangelical Alliance and other aid agencies such as the Red Cross who have been mobilised to respond to this disaster.

Currently we are distributing the food, clothing and hygiene items that we have available, in addition a lorry of goods is currently being prepared to be sent from our International warehouse in Romania with additional relief supplies.  More will be sent as soon as we can assess what is most needed.

Although this is our teams homes where their families live, here they remain on the ground reaching those who need our help the most!

MWB Albania Bringing Hygiene Products

 Monika our MWB Albania Country Manager shares,

"The situation is chaotic. Fear and panic prevail as quakes continue because Durres has a history of earthquakes even from ancient times; the city has been completely destroyed to the ground a few times. The smallest noise or movement is causing people to jump and run out into the streets. Even those whose houses aren't ruined are sleeping outside in their cars or in the open.

We just heard that the structure of the local hospital has suffered damage and they are assessing its safety now.

The weather is bad - windy and rainy.

The people have been moved into gym halls in local schools. We spoke on the phone with the director of education who is appointed by the city hall to coordinate the accommodation in the schools and she expressed her concern for the hygienic situation in these centres. There is an urgent need for hygiene supplies, so Tosi, Kosta and the coordinators have gone to purchase various needed articles and send them to the designated location."

 We are launching an emergency appeal to raise much needed funds to provide both immediate support to families and communities as winter sets in - and beyond that, to help cover the costs of people repairing their homes. 

Monika Qerimi, Mission Without Borders Albania manager, said, "Durres will never be the same city again, not only because of the many ruined buildings, or the hundreds of flats evaluated and unsuitable for habitation, but because of so many lives lost, while so many other people remain unaccounted for. The overall situation is one of sadness and shock.