"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."

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Ever wondered what to buy for the person who has everything?

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If you know someone who would prefer to make a difference, rather than receive another gift for their special occaision, or someone who is difficult to shop for, our  MWB Gift catalogue could be the answer! By purchasing gifts through MWB, you're not only giving your family and friends something special; you're also giving a chance to people who realy need it. Long after you've given your gift, it will be valued by the people and communities who need our help the most.

Please take a look and see if there is something you think your family or friends would enjoy, and know that you are helping children and families build a foundation for a sustainable future and a life free from devastating poverty.

Each gift you purchase is eligible for a gift card that you can send to the person you have purchased the gift for.  If you would like gift cards, please add the postage and handling item to your cart once only. The $2.50 will cover gift card postage and handling regardless of the number of items you purchase.

**We can only post gift cards to residents in Australia.**  

Gift Catalogue
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Price:  $2.50

  • Postage and Handling cost of gift cards.
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Postage and Handling for Gift Cards

Each gift you purchase is eligble for a gift card that you can send to the person you have chosen the gift for. If you would like gift cards, please add this item to your cart once only. The $2.50 will cover postage and handling costs regardless of how many items you purchase.

Seeds Of Hope

Price:  $30.00

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Seeds of Hope

Buy seeds for families to plant their own vegetables, and you'll be planting hope for a self-sufficient future. A parcel of seeds will allow them to grow food for themselves and sell the extras at market.


Price:  $45.00

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1 Goat

We're not kidding! A goat can change a life! A goat provides a struggling family with extra income, and a source of milk for their growing children. They can survive extreme weather conditions and with no special dietary requirements, they are one of the simplet and cheapest animals to feed. (Unless they eat your work boots!)

10 Chickens

Price:  $60.00

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Ten Chickens

For families with little land to grow food or rear livestock, chickens are the best solution. They provide protein, especially for children, they don't need much space, and just one hen can lay up to 200 eggs a year! Chickens are also a useful way to help struggling families to eventually become self-sufficient.

Operation Winter Rescue

Price:  $100.00

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Operation Winter Rescue

Providing warm clothing, boots, firewood or fuel to heat the home is often out of reach for families living in poverty. Give a gift of warmth to ensure they survive through the bitterly cold winters of Eastern Europe.



Price:  $100.00

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1 Piglet

Families can breed pigs for income, and one sow can produce up to 12 piglets a year. That's a lot of bacon!! They also provide natural fertilizer for veggie gardens.

New Tools

Price:  $200.00

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Tools for Self-Sufficiency

Many families find it hard to make ends meet. They often have skills, but no means of buying the tools they need to secure work. This gift helps them improve their income by providing the tools they need to help them become self-sufficient.