Pray for the elderly who we cannot reach

Children from our afterschool project continue to benefit from regular food deliveries. We also keep in contact with them by phone offering encouragement and online bible lessons. Children enrolled in our Bible Correspondence course continue uninterrupted. 

Schools and Universities remain closed, but our Scholarship participants can continue their studies online. We were blessed to give 21 laptops to help those who are continuing their studies online.

Grocery deliveries to sponsored families are naturally limited but carried out at the coordinator’s discretion. We have twice been able to deliver food and hygiene deliveries to families and children in our sponsorship programs. We also continue to grow seedlings in our greenhouse and deliver these to families with agricultural initiatives. We keep regular phone contact with all our beneficiaries, including participants in our women’s ministry, offering emotional and spiritual support. Coordinators are allowed to assist Child Rescue Homes as needed. 

The elderly are especially vulnerable and we are limiting our contact with the those in our Senior Care program. Thankfully, we were able to deliver food and hygiene items before the lockdown. Our Soup Kitchens continue to deliver groceries to the most vulnerable. 

Through our StreetMercy project, we continue to support the homeless with tinned food prepared by the church.

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