Update from the Field.

Albania has been in a state of emergency since the November 2019 earthquake. The government of Albania has declared COVID-19 to be a national catastrophe and imposed a nation-wide 18-hour curfew. Only one person per family, with an Albanian ID and a valid permit, is allowed out to buy groceries for one hour per day.They continually review the situation and amends the limitations systematically.Schools and Universities remain closed, but our scholarship beneficiarieswho have the means, have the opportunity to continue their studies online.All group gatherings are banned, affecting children at our afterschool project, as well as beneficiaries at soup kitchens. Thankfully, we were able to supply food items to take home before the lockdown. The monthly grocery deliveries to thesponsoredfamilieswill continue while adhering to strict safety regulations.Wekeep regular contact with families by phone offering emotional and spiritualsupport. Our women’s ministry participants continue to support each other with prayers and encouragement by phone.For families with internet access, there is a weekly online church service at one of our Church partners in Rilindja. All MWB vocational education opportunities, as well as our Bible Correspondence Course, have temporarily been placed on hold.

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