Young People stepping up to help those in need.

On Tuesday March 24, President Klaus Iohannis said from the 25th onwards, movement during the day would be further restricted, and people over the age of 65 are banned from leaving their homes – reports Reuters. People are allowed to leave their homes only for work, with a signed note from their employers, and to buy groceries.

The young people a part of our partner churches in Romania have stepped up in helping those who cannot help themselves. There are 33 elderly people who are living in severe poverty and are being supported by MWB Romania. Throughout this coronavirus crisis, so far MWB have been able to continue to provide them with regular food and hygiene supplies. They have also been connected with their local church. The coordinators keep in contact with them all the time through phone calls, and the churches also do. Young people (volunteers) from the churches are ready to do some shopping for them while ensuring they follow the restrictions put in place by the government.

Each one of these people have no words to express how grateful they are for the help of their community and your support that makes that possible. They have hope knowing that they feel they are not alone or abandoned anymore.

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