Reaching people in crisis- Seeds of Hope continues!

Despite all of our MWB Staff in Bosnia-Herzegovina having to work from home, the work of the mission is still thriving in Eastern Europe. Thanks to technology our team are still able to reach out to a lot of the people we serve through phone calls, encouraging them and praying for them!

It is still possible to purchase agricultural items and seeds online, so our families are still ables to receive their seeds of Hope that you blessed them with in February! What a blessing for them in this time.

The three Soup Kitchens that MWB runs in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Zenica, Glamoc and Prijwith the coronaedor) serve over 180 people who live in poverty. In two of the Soup kitchens, a week’s worth of packaged food is provided to these people each week, and in the third Soup Kitchen, the elderly receive a warm meal in a box every day that is able to be left on their doorstep.

The situation in Bosnia continues to become more unnerving, especially for migrants.

“Authorities in Bosnia have ordered the transfer of thousands of migrants to a remote camp in Lipa, a village about 25 kilometres from the border with Croatia, due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country,” reports the Guardian. “ The construction of the new camp started a few days ago, prompting panic among asylum seekers and volunteers, who fear the measure will not guarantee any assistance to migrants. There is particular concern over access to water, heat and electricity, as well as a feeling that the move marks a further deterioration in their living conditions.”

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