Update from Albania

An update from MWB Albania

Yesterday (March 16) Prime Minister Edi Rama announced new measures designed to crack down on the spread of the new coronavirus in Albania, reports Exit News. A nationwide curfew has been enacted whereby all inhabitants of the country are required to stay inside and not leave the house after 18:00 each day until further notice.

As of tomorrow, fines and penalties will be introduced for anyone found breaking the order. Those that are found sitting in parks or other open environments, even outside of the curfew hours will be subject to punishment.

In addition to its ban on passenger transport from all neighbouring countries, on Monday (March 16), Albania’s government decided to suspend all flights to the UK.

Country Manager, Monika shares, “You can apply for a permit to use your car only from 7:00-8:00 and from 16:00-17:00. Masks are nowhere to be found so we shall improvise (DIY) and in the office, we are keeping distances from each other.”



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