"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."

Familiestitle Operation Winter Rescue

Crisis in Vanatori, Romania -29 degrees!

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Thousands of people across Eastern Europe face freezing this winter due to rising fuel prices and increasing poverty.

Urgent action to give winter fuel is needed now.

Whilst in Australia, we are enjoying the warm Summer weather, thousands of vulnerable families in Eastern Europe are facing winter unprepared and without the basics to survive the challenges that temperatures below -20 degress celcius bring.

Why? One word - Poverty.  Help families survive this Winter.

Your gift this month WILL save Lives!

$25 can provide a child with a pair of warm winter boots.

$50 can give a family firewood for a month.

$100 can provide a family with warm clothing.

$300 can keep a family warm for the entire Winter.

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