"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."

Familiestitle OCL 2018 - LOVE NEVER FAILS

Can you help us reach our goal?

RS2277_OCL Moldova 2018 (25)

We have a target for Operation Christmas Love 2018 to send 3000 boxes from Australia, to Children and Families in Eastern Europe.

We made it last year, lets do it again in 2018!

We want as many families as we can manage be reached with the message that LOVE NEVER FAILS.

Just $50 will give a family the opportunity to put food on the table this Christmas and celebrate the birth of Christ with their loved ones.

Can you help us reach our goal so that more families than ever before can be blessed and smile on Christmas day 2018?

Click on the donate button and give hope and love to a family in need today!

For every box you give, we will sign a Christmas Card on your behalf that will be sent to Eastern Europe to be included in the OCL boxes so that when they are received, they will know that a beautiful family in Australia have thought of them and blessed them with the joy of Christmas this year. Get in quick though, we have to send the cards off mid October to make sure they reach them in time for packing and distribution!