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Family to Family

Mission Without Borders family activities began in the district of Rivne which is close to the Chernobyl zone. Through this project, we assist a growing number of families with food, hygiene goods, clothing and much needed medicines. Every year, we support summer camps for the children. In addition, we provide Christian literature and Christian discipleship training to the families enrolled in the Family to Family Project.

Ukraine was formerly part of the Soviet Union.  It is bordered by Russia, Romania, Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and Poland.  Ukraine is 604,000 square kms in area has a population of 44,854,065. There is an average unemployment rate of 9.3% and a staggering 24% of the population live below the poverty line!

The capital city of Ukraine is Kiev, with a population of 2,800,396. The literacy rate of Ukrainians is 99.4%.  The official language is Ukrainian but Russian is also widely spoken.

With unemployment at almost 10%, an ongoing war with Russia, and the lowest social assistance of all the countries we support in Eastern Europe, nearly every family in Ukraine is in great need.  Many parents cannot provide for their families' basic needs. There have been two revolutions in 10 years and the continual changes of government contribute to this economic and social instability. Poverty has also increased the number of children residing in Children's Homes, as families struggle to provide for their children. All this creates a big gam in the physical, emotional and spiritual development of the children. The elderly are also in despair as the prices of food and medicines are at an all time high.

In addition, the legacy of Chornobyl continues to impact many residents in the surrounding areas.  Water, soil and food contamination have led to malnutrition, anemia and reduced immunity to disease.

Please help the people of Ukraine repair the ruins and rebuild their lives. Sponsor a family today.