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Familiestitle From Seeds to Self-Sufficiency

A family's Joy in Becoming Self-Sufficient

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"This small plant may not look like much now - but it will grow," Nicholae Beza picked up a small tarragon stem, "It will bring taste into the food my wife prepares and I will be able to sell some."

Nicholae and his family live in rural Romania where 30% of Romanians are living in poverty. For a very long time, Nicholae knew only hopelessness and despair. His chances at a positive future for his family looked as small as that tarragon stem - but God had bigger plans for him.

As Nicholae looks towards the house he is building for his family, he ponders his life so far. He has fought alcoholism, fear, depression, hardship and poverty. When we first met him he was defeated by all the challenges - but our Mission came alongside him and waked the jouney with him.

Nicholae and his family were supported by MWB each step of the way, especially when everything looked hopeless.

And now, years later, the Beza's are doing so well, soon they will no longer need our assistance.

When MWB identified Nicholae as a hard worker who was brilliant with his hands, and had skills in building, we helped him begin his own business. A need was raised with his Australian sponsors to assist in supplying construction tools so he could take on bigger projects and earn more income. He now has two wood-cutting machines, an electric drill, a new wheelbarrow, a laser level to help him design straight walls and scaffolding to build them.

 RS2337_RO2018-06-32_Nicolae With Building Tools

Self- sufficiency isn't just about material support. A family on our sponsorship program also receives an abundance of spiritual and emotional support - this was particularly essential when Nicholae's wife had cancer. In moments when their future looked bleak, that support was essential iin helping Nicholae have the determination and strength to keep pushing forward.

"In the past, I always had to improvise to be able to go higher, you can only do so much with a ladder. The clients also take me more seriously now. I hope that my own house will be finished soon as well. I have built this house with only these two  hands. I made the concrete in this old whellbarrow, before you gave me the new one. It's as heavy empty as it is when it s full."

"MWB has been with me for a long time, and for that I cannot thank you enough. I now look to the future with hope."

Nicholae's wife is also doing well - she is working as a housekeeper and her employers are very fond of her.

With the tools that we have given him, Nicholae is building not just a house for his family  - but a brighter future too, one full of possibility for all of them.

 MWB supports many families on a path towards self-sufficiency. Whilst it doesn't happen overnight - the jouney is just as important. With your support, we can bring hope to more families throughout Eastern Europe to stay together, empower them with dignity and to know God's blessing and provision through a self-sufficient life.

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