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Familiestitle Bibles for families

BiblesThe Meta family is battling against tremendous odds. They rely on the scanty income that Ardian manages to bring home from casual work. But today the family of four have found peace and love through reading their Bible.

Ardian Meta grew up in an orphanage and Lavdie, his wife, comes from a small town in a remote area of Albania. They were married twelve years ago. Ardian is a dedicated father and husband. He became a Christian several years ago as a young boy, while Lavdie heard about God and Jesus soon after they married, as a young mother. "I have found true love and I know God is holding us in His hands," she said.

Reading together gives hope

The Meta family read the Bible together and go to the local church regularly. "It is so good for us. We go to church every Sunday. As we read the Bible together, we come to realise that we don't have to live in uncertainty and doubt any more. We have answers to our questions, answers to live by. It's all here - in the greatest book ever written," said Lavdie. She goes to the ladies' Bible Study held at the church, while her children go to Sunday school.  "I pray that my husband and I will find permanent work, because we have two children to bring up and rent to pay every month. We keep praying and we are never without hope, because we know God takes care of us in spite of everything. The future is in His hands".

God has finally answered their prayers: He provided a job for Ardian and this means a greater income for the family.

In Albania alone over the past year, MWB has distributed over 800 Bibles.
Could you give Bibles to families hungry for the Word?