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Your Donation is helping us to continue vital programs in Eastern Europe. 
Let's stand together and shine hope into darkened homes!

Sponsor a Family

MWB empowers families across eastern Europe to stay together by providing them with the resources needed to become self-sufficient. Besides helping families meet their basic needs, we also offer long-term education, counselling, and spiritual support in their journey to becoming independent.Our family sponsorship program has changed the lives of over 1900 families in Eastern Europe, journeying with them through their darkest moments.  Yet, there are at least another 500 families who are in desperate need and are still waiting for a sponsor.

Support our After School Program

Our After School Program is a safe space for children to do their homework, learn through play, receive one-to-one support and enjoy a nutritious meal.


Providing a scholarship to a young person in Eastern Europe will empower them to break the cycle of poverty by opening doors of opportunity. So many of the young people we work with show incredible potential but need someone who is willing to invest in their future so their potential can be realised.

Partner with our Vocational Training Program

Your monthly support for this program will ensure that this vital resource will continue to provide young children and adults with the practical skills to success in life.

Sponsor a Child

Only $40 a month!Becoming a sponsor is an incredible opportunity to have a real and personal impact in the life of a child who faces unbelievable poverty. You'll be able to foster your relationship with a sponsor child by writing to them and encouraging them as well as receiving yearly updates and photos.Your sponsorship allows us to provide a child with food, education, clothing and hygiene products. But more importantly, it allows us to share with them the love and hope of Jesus Christ through our community centres.

Your gift will make a difference by providing for communities, families and childrens urgent and necessary needs. Whether it is a warm meal, clothing, school supplies or resources to make their living situations more humane; your gift will be given to people in desperate need with a warm smile from our volunteers and the message of Christ and Hope.