"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."

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Vasile's Story

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What if I stepped out of my comfortable life with nothing but God and put my faith to the test alongside those who live with nothing everyday? We, as Christians are called to help, share love and lead the lost to Christ. That is exactly what the volunteers of MWB's Street Mercy team do every single day. They give food and share God's love to the homeless people. It's a ministry that needs our help. 

It is -17 degrees celcius in the city of Chisinau Moldova, one of Europe's poorest cities. The streets are impassable and covered in snow. This is the most vulnerable time of year for the homeless, who, as well as surviving the bitter cold, each day have to overcome hunger, depression, rejection, addiction and the many dangers of life on the streets. You will find many men, and some women and children, on winter days like this, wandering the streets completely alone. Their heads are bowed low and there is bleakness in their eyes as they collect items they find useful, before disappearing to find shelter in abandoned basements or doorways before night falls.

I feel insecure all the time.

Their lives are filled with hopelessness, but for one homeless man, Vasile, there is a familiar but different story. "There are many dangers in a homeless life," Vasile says, "you feel insecure and in pain all the time." From a young age, Vasile says he was on the streets and living a life of crime which saw him end up in prison for 15 years. While inside he was given a Bible to read and it changed his life. Despite finding faith, when he was released, he had lost everything and ended up on the streets again. "Last year, when I was at my lowest, I was 'adopted' by the church. " he says, "They gave me warm food five days a week and found me odd jobs here and there for a little money."

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The Street Mercy project delivers hot meals, 5 days a week to homeless people living on the streets. Besides nutrition, beneficiaries are assisted with medical care, clothes and shoes. They also receive Christian Outreach, Bible readings, prayers and personal counseling. What they value above all is the friendly attitude toward them shown by everyone involved in this ministry.



Just $20 can feed a person in need for a week.

I am forgiven!

"I am thankful for what I have, especially for the warm boots that I got from the church. I consider myself a happy man, despite all my failures in life. But mostly I am happy because I have Jesus and that after all I have done - I am forgiven."

Despite the hope of Vasile's story, his experiences are sadly the exception rather than the rule in Chisinau, and hundreds of homeless men, women and children are out there right now in these temperatures, desperately in need of your support.