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Restoring Hope this Christmas

"Can you believe it, I really am happy!." Resmije's story

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Living in rural Albania, with little opportunity or work, life for Resmije was very difficult and isolating. After her husband, Baftjar moved to northern Albania in the hopes that he would find a way to end his family's poverty, Resmije was left to raise her four children alone. But, Baftjar's employer hasn't paid him in months - he continues to work in the hope that one day he will be paid.

When this struggling mother of four was gifted with a Seeds of Hope box, her life completely changed. Before Resmije joined MWB's seeds project, she struggled with depression and hopelessness as the poverty she faced was so desperate. Resmije said, "My children often went to bed hungry as I could not provide more than one meal per day. I felt like I was in shock and that death was the only escape for me. But then MWB came and things started to change. I still remember when the MWB Coordinator shared a verse with me, from Psalm 40 and told me how Jesus Christ could be the rock in my life." The gift of seeds gave Resmije so much more than food on the table. It gave her the gift of knowing Jesus and set her family on a path towards a life free from poverty.Help Restore Hope -2

Resmije continued, "The gift of seeds is helping our family to change everything and build a new life. Before MWB, we did not have enough food to feed ourselves. It was hard for me watching my children begin to understand our situation. But this summer, our crops were plentiful, and we had enough food to feed the family as well as sell the extra produce to make some money. We made enough money to purchase a cow and firewood for winter!"


In Albania, as winter falls over the villages and the -20 degree temperatures set in, a pile of firewood is a welcomed sight and relief to these families. For Resmije, her newly purchased pile of firewood was a sign of how life had changed for her family. She no longer needed to fear for their future.

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Resmije exclaimed, "Can you believe it? I am really happy!"

Throughout Eastern Europe, there are thousands of families who are living in severe poverty and many people leave their country in search of work. Gezim Spahija, the Pastor of the local Evangelical Church that partners with MWB, said, "The opportunities for poor families to integrate into their community are few - and this causes them to feel isolated. Helping people find work is also a challenge - most of them feel hopeless without a job. Remije's family is a good example of the positive change we are having here. Their financial situation is improving, and their children have become good students."

The support that you give through a gift such as a box of seeds is indispensable. Your support is allowing families to stay together - working their land and putting food on their table - empowering them to work towards a better future.

Through a gift of seeds and the support of MWB, Resmije was able to overcome unbearable hardship, depression and hopelessness. Just imagine how your gift of school backpacks, hot meals, Bibles or warm clothing and firewood could change someone's life this Christmas.

 Help give back Hope this Christmas, whether it is $5 or $500 your gift really could make the difference!


If you haven't finishd your Christmas Gift shopping,
consider giving a life-changing Gift! 
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