"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."

Childrentitle Vocational Training - A ticket to self-sufficiency

Vocation 4
RO2014-16_2-Elena -Alexandra -Mitrica -(third -from -left )-and -her -friends -from -school
MD2015-10_06_Andrei -Spalatu

With your help we can provide them with a future...

"When I grow up... I want to be..."

Remember these famous words?

As children, we had big dreams - as adults we get to aim high and achieve our goals. After a life growing up in a Children's Home or in poverty stricken families, many children have little chance of becoming anything withouy your help. Without skills their future is bleak.

Your support will make a lasting difference in the life of an orphan, a child from a poor family, or even the parents of a poor family.