"Reaching people for Christ: helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."

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Education helps families out of poverty - but for poorer children it is a hope out of reach.

Six years ago Hurma's family were struggling. Sick and with no income, in a country without social support, Hurma's husband was unable to provide for his family. They had no money for rent and sought shelter in shacks and dilapidated buildings. For years they were homeless, chased from place to place. Romeo (now 12) and Emiliano (now 9) were hungry, dirty and disinterested.

Mission Without Borders helped with food, clothes, toys and furniture. Since then, our co-ordinator has visited the family regularly to bring food and clothing. But, more importantly, he encourages, motivates and brings hope to each member of the family.
Now, although they have lost their father, the boys are well dressed, clean and healthy. Hurma is pleased that Romeo and Emiliano are now at school. "Unfortunately there were times when they had to collect rubbish. I am ashamed of it, but the plastic and metal they picked up gave us some money. We desperately needed that, so the boys had no time to go to school. But Mission Without Borders helps us now and the children do not have to spend time rubbish-picking.  They'd rather be at school with other children."

Faddertur ALB 2012,23-27 April 295Neither Hurma nor her husband could read or write. But Hurma says, "My biggest wish is that my children avoid the same hard fate as us. They need to get a better life and, to have that; they need to go to school."