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Childrentitle Restoring Stolen Childhoods

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The Onita Family

Four of the five children in the Onita family of Romania were enrolled in our CRI in Community project. All the children live with their mother, Crinela, in their grandparents' house. Crinela lived with her violent de facto husband (the father of the children) until a few years ago, when she decided to leave him. Crinela does her best to keep the children together with her, even though they are in financial difficulties.

The children have grown up in need and often in the cold, with winter temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius. Besides the need for firewood, the children also lack proper winter shoes and warm clothing. Even when there is snow and ice outside, the children only have trainers to wear to school.

Crinela and the children are happy that they have been able to stay together, with MWB's help. Our coordinator, Emilia, said that the children are very obedient, but that they weren't like that before they started going to church. When they were enrolled in CRI COM, they began to take part in different Christian Input activities. Mission Without Border's Summer Camp also had a positive impact on their behaviour.

"Before,"said the coordinator, "the children in this family were very naughty. They hung about on the pavement in front of their house, gossiping and picking on passers-by. They swore and even stole. However, as they began going to church and taking part in Mission Without Border's activities, they visibly changed their behaviour. Now, they don't have any problems with the neighbours or with other people. They even made a lot of friends at Summer Camp and Iuliana cried when she left her volunteer leader. The Mission's involvement in their life is truly a blessing for the family, giving them much hope!"The Onita children are supported by sponsors in Australia and received lovely blankets through our Operation Cover-up project.