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Childrentitle Puppet shows


"I liked the story. I learned we should give presents to Jesus. But he doesn't need sweets or toys. He needs our hearts. I want to give Him my heart."

Galya in Ukraine is just one of the children who has heard the gospel through our puppet shows.

The puppeteers put on a variety of shows each year - for Easter, Christmas, Children's Day, at Summer Camp, in community centres and institutions. The aim is to present Bible stories in an engaging way to the children, and to encourage them to think about how the lessons apply to their own lives.

Catalin, Romania, saw a puppet show of 'David and Goliath' at Summer Camp, and afterwards the children were challenged to think about the 'giants' in their own lives which they have to fight. Catalin says, "I would like to be brave and faithful like David. I believe that Jesus will help me to defeat all the giants of my life, no matter how strong or huge they are."